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Great Deals kartuHalo Bundling Smartphone

Enjoy up to 78% discount and get kartuHalo package up to 40GB per month for 24 months starting from Rp66,000/month.

Promo Period

  • This program is valid for all customers who buy a smartphone bundling with Halo Device Plan at Telkomsel Official Store.
  • New kartuHalo customers and prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, Loop) who switch to kartuHalo are eligible for this program.
  • Don’t miss it, as the program is valid from March 1st to March 31st, 2021.

Get the Benefits

  • Get Halo Device Plan with special discount of up to 78% only during JD.ID 5th Anniversary event:
    1. Halo Device Plan Lite & Medium
      Package Halo Device Plan Lite Halo Device Plan Medium
      Data Quota 23GB/month 40GB/month
      - All-Network Quota 13GB/month 15GB/month
      - Additional All-Network Quota 5GB/month 10GB/month
      - Entertainment Quota 5GB/month 15GB/month
      Voice Quota 170 minutes/month 140 minutes/month
      - To Telkomsel numbers 150 minutes/month 100 minutes/month
      - To all operator numbers 20 minutes/month 40 minutes/month
      SMS Quota 100 SMS/month 200 SMS/month
      Contract Period 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months 1, 3, 12, 24 months
      Price Before Discount Rp191,000/1 month
      Rp573,000/3 months
      Rp1,146,000/6 months
      Rp2,292,000/12 months
      Rp4,584,000/24 months
      Rp210,000/1 month
      Rp630,000/3 months
      Rp1,260,000/6 months
      Rp2,520,000/12 months
      Rp5,040,000/24 months
      Price After Discount Rp66,000/1 month
      Rp198,000/3 months
      Rp300,000/6 months
      Rp600,000/12 months
      Rp1,000,000/24 months
      Rp110,000/1 month
      Rp300,000/3 months
      Rp600,000/6 months
      Rp1,000,000/12 months
      Rp1,800,000/24 months

      Package Halo Device Plan Unlimited 80K Halo Device Plan Unlimited 100K
      Data Quota 20GB/month 25GB/month
      - All-Network Quota 10GB/month 15GB/month
      - Additional All-Network Quota 10GB/month 10GB/month
      - Entertainment Quota Unlimited to MAXstream, MusicMAX, GamesMAX, Line, Whatsapp, Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada
      Voice to all operator numbers 60 minutes/month 120 minutes/month
      SMS to all operator numbers 100 SMS/month 200 SMS/month
      Contract Period 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months
      Price Before Discount Rp188,000/1 month
      Rp564,000/3 months
      Rp1,128,000/6 months
      Rp2,256,000/12 months
      Rp4,512,000/24 months
      Rp210,000/1 month
      Rp630,000/3 months
      Rp1,260,000/6 months
      Rp2,520,000/12 months
      Rp5,040,000/24 months
      Price After Discount Rp88,000/1 month
      Rp264,000/3 months
      Rp484,000/6 months
      Rp880,000/12 months
      Rp1,672,000/24 months
      Rp110,000/1 month
      Rp330,000/3 months
      Rp605,000/6 months
      Rp1,100,000/12 months
      Rp2,090,000/24 months

Special Gift from JD.ID Anniversary 5 for You!

Get kartuHalo subscription package with a special price. Buy now to enjoy up to 78% discount only through JD Anniversary 5 event.

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

Why do I go to the distributor’s page on the e-commerce instead of Telkomsel Official Store?

Currently, the distributor’s official store has already registered as Telkomsel’s official partner on the e-commerce.

Does the price stated in e-commerce already include the discount?

Yes. The price stated in the e-commerce and the price you pay is the final price after discount.

  1. Customers will receive kartuHalo SIM card to be activated and to enjoy kartuHalo’s monthly bonus.
  2. kartuHalo activation mechanism shall follow Telkomsel Official Store’s terms and conditions.
  3. kartuHalo package’s terms and conditions:
    1. Entertainment quota can be used to access MAXstream, MusicMAX, and GamesMAX (does not include premium service).
    2. Telkomsel POIN will be given every month for 6 months.
    3. After your subscription ended, your package will be switched to Halo●Kick! regular package. Please check here.
    4. Customers are not allowed to change the package during the Halo Device Plan subscription contract is still active. Customers can buy Extra Quota package when the quota has been all used up.
    5. If you unsubscribe or terminate your kartuHalo number, your number will be deactivated. If you want to reactivate your number, you have to pay all of your overdue bills and your remaining bundling package quota cannot be returned. Your package will be switched to Halo●Kick! regular.
    6. kartuHalo package is valid in accordance with the billing period. The remaining internet, voice, and SMS quota will not be accumulated to the next period. If you ran out of quota before the scheduled period, you will be charged with a basic (non-package) tariff. Please check http://www.telkomsel.com/en/halo-paket-tarif.
  4. For more information related to kartuHalo activation on the customer's selected e-commerce, please contact Telkomsel Merchant Official Store Customer Service at 082112253636.
  5. For more information related to kartuHalo packages, please contact Telkomsel kartuHalo Customer Service at 188 (or call 08071811811 for non-Telkomsel).
  6. By participating in this program, customers are deemed to understand and agree to all terms and conditions applied. E-commerce has the right to cancel the order if there is any misconduct found.
  7. E-commerce has the right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice.