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MyTelkomsel Quiz IBL


Put your basketball knowledge to the test & win!

Answer questions, compete for the top score with friends, and win LinkAja balance worth millions of rupiah.

How to join the quiz

Program Mechanism

How to play MyTelkomsel Quiz IBL


  1. Go to “What’s New” on MyTelkomsel App to start playing MyTelkomsel Quiz.
  2. Allow MyTelkomsel to access your location.
  3. Use 1 Star (ticket) to play once by tapping “Start the Quiz”. You will get 2 Stars. If the second Star is used, only the Coins from the last game will be counted (Coins will not be accumulated).
  4. Quiz will be updated every day. Keep playing during the quiz period to get as many points as possible.
  5. Achieve top 5 on the Leaderboard to win a cool prize.
General Provisions
  1. MyTelkomsel Quiz IBL applies nationally from March 19 – 25, 2024.
  2. Each player will get 5 questions every day.
  3. Player must answer each question within 15 seconds.
  4. The questions might show up randomly, each player can get different questions.
  5. For every correct answer, you will get 10 Coins. For the wrong ones, you’ll get 0 Coin.
  6. Coins will be accumulated every day to be displayed on the Leaderboard.
  7. You’ll get 2 Stars that can be used as tickets to play twice a day.
  8. The score you get at the final quiz will be your final score that day.
  9. Stars will be refilled in 24 hours after the first game.
  10. The top 5 players on the Leaderboard will get cool prizes. The announcement will be made at the end of the quiz period.
  11. The top 5 players per day will win a LinkAja balance @Rp50,000.
  12. 3 players with the highest total Coins at the end of the quiz period will win LinkAja Balance worth Rp200,000 each.
  13. The LinkAja balance will be sent to the winning number, the prize cannot be transferred or cashed.
  14. If customers don't have a LinkAja account, customers can register their number first before taking the MyTelkomsel Quiz.
  15. Each player gets 1 chance to be a Daily Winner during the program period.
  16. All the decisions about the program and winners are absolute and cannot be contested.
  17. Telkomsel has the right to change the applicable Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notification, including stopping/changing the program.