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Dunia Games Awards


2021 Dunia Games Awards

The biggest gaming award event in Indonesia is coming. Let’s watch the awarding night exclusively on MAXstream and YouTube on December 23, 2021, starting from 1:00 PM GMT+7!

DG Awards 2021 event details

DG Awards 2021
  • Don't miss the Dunia Games Awards 2021 awarding night which will be broadcast exclusively on MAXstream, Dunia Games' YouTube channel, and Telkomsel's YouTube channel. Enjoy many fun events such as:
    • Charity Fun Match MLBB between influencers and celebrities.
    • Cosplay Parade from well-known cosplayers in Indonesia.
    • Music performances from Indahkus, Rizky Febian, Devano, and Feel Koplo.
  • Announcement of the winners of the 2021 Dunia Games Awards for 16 nominations and the awarding of the 2021 Dunia Games Awards' Lifetime Achievement award.
  • Watch Dunia Games Awards 2021 on December 23, 2021 via MAXstream here, starting from 1:00 PM GMT+7.
  • You can also catch up to the summary of the awarding night on December 24, 2021, on SCTV at 12:00 – 12:30 GMT+7.
Dunia Games Awards 2021 Winner List

Congratulations to all of the award winners, and here is the full list of Dunia Games Awards 2021 winners, which comes from any games and esports industries in Indonesia:

  1. Male esports Player of the Year: BTR Luxxy
  2. Female esports Player of the Year: EVOS Caramel
  3. Game of the Year: Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  4. esports Team of the Year: EVOS
  5. Publisher Tournament of the Year: MPL ID
  6. Non-Publisher Tournament of the Year: Dunia Games League 2021
  7. Gaming Content Creator of the Year: Windah Basudara
  8. Indonesian Game of the Year: Lokapala
  9. Game Publisher of the Year: Moonton
  10. Cosplayer of the Year: Kameaam
  11. esports Fans Club of the Year: EVOS Fams
  12. Caster of the Year: Clara Mongstar
  13. esports Coach of the Year: EVOS Zeys
  14. esports Brand Ambassador of the Year: EVOS Rachel
  15. Celebrity Gamer of the Year: Tretan Muslim
  16. Rookie of the Year: EVOS Ferxiic
  17. Lifetime Achievement: Eddy Lim

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