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Stay Productive with CloudX Meeting on Demand

Set a meeting or video conference using CloudX Meeting on Demand virtual room for up to 100 participants with various durations up to 5 hours, starting from Rp10,000. #DiRumahTerusProduktif

Detailed Information

  • 1-hour meeting: Rp10,000
  • 2-hour meeting: Rp15,000
  • 5-hour meeting: Rp25,000

*Note: You will get a 10-minute allowance for meeting setup and inviting participants, so the total duration is meeting duration + 10 minutes.

  1. Please contact Telkomsel Virtual Assistant (VA) via:
  2. On the chat, type “CloudX”, and you will receive a form link. Please complete and submit the form.
  3. You will be contacted by our agent for verification.
  4. After the verification, you will receive the meeting link via SMS.
  1. Download CloudX app from on your smartphone.
  2. For desktop, you only need install CloudX plugin (click link – download & run – open meeting).
  3. Access CloudX Meeting using WiFi, 4G, or cable internet.
  4. Buy CloudX Meeting package to get the meeting link and password.
  5. Share the meeting link to the participants you are inviting. Make sure your participants have downloaded CloudX app as well.
  6. Participants may access the meeting room by clicking the meeting link and inserting the meeting password to join.
  7. The meeting will be terminated according to the meeting duration.
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is CloudX Meeting on Demand?

CloudX Meeting on Demand is a CloudX service where you can rent CloudX virtual meeting with a certain duration anytime and anywhere with up to 100 participants.

What features are available through CloudX Meeting on Demand?

You can get online video conference with share screen (PPT file, video, etc), whiteboard, and on-room chat with 100 participants that can be accessed on Android, Windows, MacOS, or web browser.

Do I have to use Telkomsel internet to use CloudX Meeting on Demand?

You can use your internet quota or buy CloudX Meeting package via MyTelkomsel App. You can also use WiFi.

How many participants can join the meeting?

100 participants can join the meeting.

What payment method is available for CloudX Meeting on Demand?

When you agree to purchase this service, you will be charged through your prepaid or postpaid number after receiving the meeting link.

What if the CloudX meeting room becomes full?

There is a possibility that the meeting room become unavailable if it reaches the full capacity. However, Telkomsel will keep on increasing the CloudX meeting room capacity.

How do I join the meeting?

  • On smartphone: Download Telkomsel CloudX app.
  • On desktop: Open the meeting link on your web browser. You will be automatically directed to the meeting room.
  • Get the meeting link or meeting ID from the meeting host.
  • Choose “Join a Meeting” menu on the homepage app.
  • Input your name and meeting ID you receive from the meeting host.
  1. This service is valid for all Telkomsel prepaid and postpaid customers.
  2. Package prices include 10% VAT.
  3. If you cannot be contacted during the verification process, your order will be canceled.
  4. You can use existing Telkomsel internet quota or use another internet access such as WiFi.
  5. The meeting duration shall follow the package you have purchased. When the time is up, the meeting will be terminated.
  6. Using CloudX meeting room for illegal activities and contents is prohibited.
  7. Telkomsel will not be responsible for all contents and activities you carry out in the CloudX meeting room.