Samsung Galaxy A03 Series

Awesome phone with best 4G experience

Get the latest Samsung Galaxy A03 Series now with BundlingMAX package to enjoy up to 16GB/month for Rp10 on Telkomsel’s best network.

Be awesome with Galaxy A03


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Telkomsel PraBayar Bundling Bundling
Soft-bundling, SIM card will be included inside the smartphone box
SIM Card
  • Telkomsel PraBayar SIM card (without credit balance)
  • Price: Included in the smartphone price
BundlingMAX 4G
(for customers
who switch
to 4G)
  • Package price: Rp10
  • Total quota/month: 16GB
    • 4G Quota: 1GB (valid for 30 days)
    • 4G App Quota: 15GB (valid for 7 days)
  • The package price will be paid by customers
(for regular
  • Package price: Rp50,000
  • Total quota/month: 5GB
    • All-Network Quota: 2.5GB
    • Local Quota: up to 3GB
    • OMG! Quota: 1GB
    • Entertainment Quota: 2GB
  • The package price will be paid by customers
  • Free Disney+ Hotstar subscription for 1 month
  • MyTelkomsel App
  • UMB *363*23#

How to get the package

BundlingMAX 4G
BundlingMAX 4G

How to activate BundlingMAX 4G:

  1. This package is only valid for selected Telkomsel customers with a SIM card active period of at least 3 months. Check your active period via UMB *363*78#.
  2. Make sure you have enough credit balance or top up your balance first.
  3. Dial *363*23# using your existing Telkomsel number with your new smartphone.
  4. Choose “1. Paket 4G Migrasi”.
  5. Choose “1. BundlingMAX 4G 16GB Rp10.”
  6. Confirm by replying “1. Beli” (Buy).
  7. You will receive a successful BundlingMAX activation notification via SMS.
BundlingMAX Rp50.000
BundlingMAX Rp50.000

How to activate BundlingMAX Rp50,000:

  1. Register your new Telkomsel PraBayar SIM card inside your smartphone box.
  2. Top up your credit balance with a sufficient amount to buy BundlingMAX, which is Rp50,000.
  3. Dial *363*23# using your new smartphone and Telkomsel number. You will see a BundlingMAX Rp50,000 offer with up to 8.5GB quota for 30 days.
  4. Choose “1. Ya” (Yes).
  5. Choose “1. Beli” (Buy).
  6. You will receive a successful BundlingMAX activation notification via SMS.

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