Telkomsel Telecommunication Traffic Report – Idul Fitri 2017 | Telkomsel

Telkomsel Telecommunication Traffic Report – Idul Fitri 2017

Telkomsel Telecommunication Traffic Report – Idul Fitri 2017

Jakarta, 26 June 2017

This year Telkomsel recorded a traffic increase in data services during Lebaran moments. Telkomsel experienced a surge in the use of data services of more than 136%, or more than 6,000 TB (Terabyte) on Idul Fitri moment; this is an increase compared to data traffic in the same period in 2016. Compared to normal days in 2017, data service increase by more than 27%.Data services is mostly used by customers to access social media (36%), followed by video streaming (29%).

The highest increase of data service traffic occurred in the destinations of mudik (annual homebound exodus). The region of Sumatra has an increased usage of data services to more than 36%, while the Java-Bali area (including Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java) reaches more than 32% when compared to the normal day of 2017. But in nominal terms, the highest data traffic services Located in Jabotabek Jabar territory by more than 1,700 TB (Terabyte), followed by Java Bali area which consume more than 1,645 TB (Terabyte).

The use of data services at Lebaran moment also recorded a significant increase in several locations which became the gathering point for travelers such as Soekarno Hatta Airport, Kuala Namu Airport, Merak Port, Kaliangsa toll exit, Rest Area km 9 Cibubur and Kolaka Ferry Port (Sou theast Sulawesi ). Traffic hike are also monitored at tourist spots that are crowded with visitors, such as Batu Karas (Pangandaran), Ancol, Kuta Beach, and Flower City (Puncak).

Laporan Trafik Telkomsel - Lebaran 2017

In contrast to data services that are increasingly in demand by many customers as the primary choice to communicate during Lebaran day, voice and SMS services do not experience an increase compared to normal day traffic. Voice service traffic fell 6% to 1.3 billion minutes, while SMS is recorded at 740 million SMS.

Vice President Corporate Communications of Telkomsel, Adita Irawati, said, " Our network is functioning well to serve the communication needs of customers during Lebaran. Telkomsel has improved the network quality in anticipation of customer communication traffic spike which usually happened on H-7 until H + 7 Idul Fitri. We hope our network can help customers communicate easily without hassle, so that this happy moment, can be utilized fully to celebrate happy moments with family. "

To anticipate the traffic spike, Telkomsel conducted a series of network optimization activities, such as maintaining the availability of VLR (Visitor Location Register) or the adequacy of customer capacity. Along the main route of Mudik in Java Island and Sumatera Telkomsel provided 35% - 60% network availability, such as West Java by 38%, Central Java by 48%, East Java by 57% and South Sumatra by 58%. In addition, Telkomsel conducted network test in 11,000 km of main road in various locations in Indonesia.

Laporan Trafik Telkomsel - Lebaran 2017

Meanwhile, To ensure the convenience of customers in enjoying the communication service during the Lebaran homecoming period, Telkomsel has improved the quality network, especially in 838 hotspots or POI (Point of Interest) which is predicted to experience high communication spike. To maximize capacity in these locations, Telkomsel operates 89 units of compact mobile base station (Combat) or mobile base stations to improve customer convenience in using data services.

On the service side, Telkomsel builds service points at POI locations to ensure a reliable communication for customers. In addition, all existing Telkomsel service channels are also expected to function optimally during Lebaran holidays, including 84 GraPARI Telkomsel Siaga and 346 GraPARI Mitra Siaga, 487 Mobile GraPARI, 81 units of MyGraPARI self-service digital service and 359 Distributor Partners Branch Office (TDC). At the same time, Telkomsel's partners are also on hand to maintain the availability of starter pack and reload voucher (mkios) through 3,779 Siaga Outlet.