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Telkomsel Strengthens 4G LTE Service Using 2.3 GHz TDD Frequency

Telkomsel Strengthens 4G LTE Service Using 2.3 GHz TDD Frequency

Jakarta, 28 November 2017 – After the official announcement of the government through the Ministry of Communications and Informatics regarding the auction of spectrum auction for the2.3 GHz frequency at the end of October 2017, Telkomsel has conducted a series of activities so that customers can feel 2.3 GHz TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology that will provide fast Internet experience with better quality. Successfully conducting the Operation Feasibility Test, Telkomsel has also received the Certificate of Operation Eligibility from the General Directror of Post and Telecommunication stating that Telkomsel has fulfilled the operational eligibility requirements for the operation of telecommunication at 2.3 GHz frequency.

Telkomsel’s Chief Executive Officer Ririek Adriansyah said, "We continue to move quickly after the announcement of the spectrum auction for the 2.3 GHz frequency, so that customers can immediately feel a better mobile broadband experience. Mobile cellular network permission adjustment has already been settled and has been set by the Ministry of ICT.”

Ririek further explained that this additional spectrum allows Telkomsel to strengthen and maximize the quality of its 4G LTE service for its customers, especially in areas where the capacity of data services is dense. With a higher speed of mobile broadband access, Telkomsel is able to deliver the best digital lifestyle experience for all Indonesians, and customers are increasingly comfortable in accessing mobile information, especially video streaming services.

Currently LTE TDD BTS supporting 2.3 GHz TDD service is gradually deployed in Jabodetabek area which has high data service density level. By mid December 2017, as many as 500 BTS LTE TDD will be deployed not only in Jabodetabek but also in Palembang and Bandung. In the future, in early 2018, LTE TDD BTS will be deployed to target other cities across Indonesia that have high data service density level.

Telkomsel Strengthens 4G LTE Service Using 2.3 GHz TDD Frequency

To be able to enjoy this 2.3 GHz TDD LTE service, customers do not need to replace simcard as long as the device used is already able to support 2.3 GHz LTE TDD frequency band and is in 2.3 GHz LTE TDD service coverage. Currently from around 50 million LTE devices in Telkomsel network, about 85% of them have been able to support this service. 2.3 GHz LTE TDD can provide better downlink throughput services, due to the large bandwidth used.

"This addition spectrum will enable our customers to enjoy broadband services and digital services with better quality and access speed. In the long run, this additional spectrum also enables us to continue to provide the best data services to the community competitively,” explained Ririek.

He also said that the current availability of spectrum in Indonesia is still very limited and scarce, while the comparison between the number of subscribers and the allocation of frequency spectrum owned by Telkomsel is not proportional. With these considerations and to accommodate the growth of subscribers with a very large population in Indonesia, the additional value of this spectrum becomes very high and important for Telkomsel.

Telkomsel Strengthens 4G LTE Service Using 2.3 GHz TDD Frequency

The frequency allocation composition of Telkomsel is as follows: 2.3 GHz frequency with 30 MHz bandwidth, 2.1 GHz frequency with 15 MHz bandwidth, 1.8 GHz band with 22.5 MHz bandwidth, 900 MHz frequency with 7.5 MHz band width, and 800 MHz frequency with 7.5 MHz bandwidth.