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Telkomsel Presents the Complete Business Solutions for SMEs

Telkomsel Presents the Complete Business Solutions for SMEs

Jakarta, 30 October 2017 – In an effort to support the productivity and business development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Telkomsel provides the most complete business solution through MyBusiness. Various business solutions are presented in the exhibition which takes place in four points, namely Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung (November 2, 2017), Aston Hotel Samarinda (November 8, 2017), Grand Central Hotel Pekanbaru (November 16, 2017), and Novotel Hotel Solo (November 23, 2017).

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing Arief Pradetya said, "As the need for SMEs to improve their business performance, we strive to provide a complete but affordable solution in accordance with their needs. We hope that the digital solutions in MyBusiness will be the most complete solution for SMEs to maximize their potential and keep SMEs focused on their expertise in creating and marketing products.”

In MyBusiness for SMEs, Telkomsel provides a wide selection of solutions that fall into two broad categories: "Start Your Business" and "Grow Your Business". The "Start Your Business" solution provides an integrated solution for newly initiated SMEs, while the "Grow Your Business" solution provides solutions for SMEs who want to grow their business.

The "Start Your Business" solution consists of PARTNER Package, Wireless Broadband, and Business Connect. The PARTNER Package is available to business owners who provide routine communication allowances to their employees. This package provides convenience, where the benefits are enjoyed by the employee’s number and the fee is charged to the business owner's number. In addition, the benefits of this package are highly tailored to the communication needs and internet access of SME employees, as well as the amount of usage quota can be monitored at any time by the business owner.

Meanwhile, Wireless Broadband service offers guarantee of prime internet connection for office environment of SME players. While Business Connect provides a fully integrated communication solution, from email to scheduling, documents, and collaboration applications to increase productivity.

To improve productivity while developing SMEs’ business, "Grow Your Business" solution provides Telkomsel's Office 365 service, Telkomsel MPOS Solution, Telkomsel Employee Management, Telkomsel Accounting Solutions, Telkomsel E-Commerce Solutions, and Telkomsel E-Health. Telkomsel Office 365 provides the latest version of Microsoft Office applications, 50 GB email services and 1 Terabyte storage capacity, and video-based collaboration service (Skype for Business). Telkomsel MPOS Solution is a cash register application that provides convenience in managing transactions via tablet or smartphone. Telkomsel Employee Management makes it easier for SMEs to have an affordable attendance or attendance system through mobile applications, managing employee data records, and calculating and paying their salaries effectively.

Telkomsel Presents the Complete Business Solutions for SMEs

Telkomsel Accounting Solution is a cloud-based accounting solution that enables SMEs to record and manufacture various financial reports. Telkomsel E-Commerce Solution is a platform that allows SMEs to open an online store with branding effort as desired and direct selling products and services on the same day. Lastly, Telkomsel E-Health is a tailor-made solution for physicians, clinics, or community health centers that enable them to have health management systems such as large hospitals at affordable cost.

"The solution provided can start to be enjoyed with a minimal amount, paid monthly, and adjusted as needed and operated easily without the need for complicated integration. This means that SMEs who start a business or develop their business do not need to invest big in front of the technology or IT, such as for software or hardware, or the need to perform additional recruitment of people for support functions, "added Arief.

To facilitate SMEs to get more information and purchase SME products, Telkomsel sets up an online channel that can be accessed through

The convenience of customers from the SME segment in using MyBusiness's various digital solutions is supported by Telkomsel's high quality network with more than 152,000 base transceiver stations (BTS) throughout Indonesia, including over 101,000 broadband BTS with 4G and 3G technologies. Telkomsel also provides excellent after-sales service in around 440 GraPARI throughout Indonesia.