Telkomsel Presents 5G Showcase at G20 Summit, Promoting Potentials and Capabilities of Digital Ecosystem Indonesia

Showcase 5G

  • Telkomsel presents a 5G showcase during G20 Summit held from 13-17 November 2022 to promote the digital ecosystem capability in Indonesia to the world.
  • Through this 5G showcase, Telkomsel shows six use cases that include the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) of Mangrove Conservation Forest, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot, 5G in the box, Cloud Gaming,and 5G Holographic Communications.
  • The 5G Showcase is a manifestation of Telkomsel's commitment to open wider opportunities for investment and collaboration across the nation, along with the increased trust from members of G20 in Indonesia's digital technology capability ecosystem.


Jakarta, 15 November 2022 – Reaffirming Telkomsel's support for Indonesia's 2022 G20 presidency, Telkomsel presents a 5G showcase during G20 Summit from 13-17 November 2022 in Bali. Through this showcase, Telkomsel shows its commitment to continue opening wider opportunities for Indonesia in promoting the capability of the nation's digital ecosystem to the world that will create a potential transformation in multiple sectors while increasing interest for global strategic investment in Indonesia.


Telkomsel Director of Planning and Transformation Wong Soon Nam says, “Telkomsel has always been at the forefront in optimizing the utilization of digital technology to accelerate the nation's progress across all sectors. The transformation we have carried out and becoming the first operator to deploy a 5G network in Indonesia are momentum for Telkomsel to reaffirm our commitment to enable businesses to grow and continue to open up opportunities for all industries. The optimum of the 5G showcase is important as this represents how ready Indonesia's digital capability to accelerate advancement in multiple sectors, especially accelerating digital transformation that will touch every aspect of life in this country."


Showcase 5G


Telkomsel presents the 5G Showcase, which will be held in two series of the G20 Summit events at the Future SME Village Bali Collection and the Media Center BICC The Westin resort. Telkomsel shows six use cases that include the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) of Mangrove Conservation Forest, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot, 5G in the box, Cloud Gaming, and 5G Holographic Communications. First, the VR use case brings an immersive experience to visitors who want to use VR technology to play games, travel virtually using 360° video, and use VR to educate human anatomy and automotive engineering, such as racing cars and motorbikes. Second, AR Mangrove Conservation Forest brings a virtual tour experience to visitors to the mangrove conservation forest, from seeding to growing mangrove plants as part of nature and environmental conservation.


Third, AI Robot use case that can greet and interacts with visitors and offers entertainment such as attractive dance. Fourth, the 5G in-the-box use case is a portable 5G network technology that comes in a compact form, which makes the 5G deployment process faster and easier to implement, especially for private 5G network trials for enterprise customers. Fifth, Cloud Gaming use case that allows users to enjoy exciting games from the latest online games by using a smartphone and gamepad connected to a reliable and seamless 5G network. Lastly, 5G Holographic Communications enable human-to-human communications on real-time bases and 3D using smart devices.


Showcase 5G


Telkomsel hopes that this showcase and other initiatives for a successful G20 Summit in Indonesia, especially those that showcase digital ecosystem capability, will open wider opportunities for investment and collaboration in Indonesia along with increased trust given by other countries to the nations. Investment and collaboration will certainly impact economic growth in Indonesia as an effort to realize Indonesia as the country with the most significant economic growth in the Southeast Asian region.


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