Telkomsel Launches Fleet Management Solution FleetSight | Telkomsel

Telkomsel Launches Fleet Management Solution FleetSight

Telkomsel Launches Fleet Management Solution FleetSight

Jakarta, 27 November 2017 As part of the innovation in delivering the solution of Internet of Things (IoT) in Indonesia, Telkomsel launched Fleet Management solution for Enterprise named Telkomsel FleetSight.

Telkomsel FleetSight is a fleet management service solution that synergizes satellite-based telematics devices (including sensors) paired to mobile assets or vehicles, with Telkomsel connectivity and Fleet Management platform supported by Telkomsel's strategic partner. This solution is expected to assist the clients in overcoming the problems related to fleet operations, by minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment through increased fleet safety, security, efficiency, and productivity.

With a total number of motor vehicles (other than motorcycles) reaching 24 million units by 2016, with 40% being commercial vehicles, Indonesia has enormous market potential for Fleet Management solutions. Coupled with the high cost of logistics and transportation in Indonesia which reached 24% of total GDP and is the highest in ASEAN, the high demand for Fleet Management solutions is inevitable. Vertical solutions integrated with Telkomsel IoT Control Center service is the answer to the company's need to optimize productivity and improve their fleet or operational vehicles safety.

Chief Executive Officer of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said, "Telkomsel is committed to the company's digital transformation resulting in a wide range of products, services and solutions that not only solve customer problems, but also improve their quality of life. The innovation of IoT-based solutions is a form of our contribution in supporting the development of the IoT ecosystem while accelerating the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia."

"As part of the transformation and utilizing the widest network coverage in the country, we strive to become the leading provider of Fleet Management solutions in Indonesia by providing innovative digital technology and top-notch professional services," Ririek added.

Telkomsel Launches Fleet Management Solution FleetSight

Telkomsel FleetSight is supported with reliable quality network connectivity that reaches more than 95% of the population in Indonesia with 2G and 3G services. The service also adopts international standard technology including a tracking device that can operate on both 2G and 3G networks to ensure continuity of service.

As a commitment to the quality of Fleet Management solutions, Telkomsel is also working with Michelin, the leading tire and mobility company in the world through its subsidiary Sascar, a global provider of Fleet Management solutions with more than 265,000 vehicles already connected to its application platform.

In the FleetSight solution service, high-sensitivity GPS-based telematics devices will be embedded in the fleet and connected to the platform via Telkomsel's 2G or 3G network. Furthermore, through the Internet network, all data and information about the fleet can be accessed by users through the Web Dashboard which is designed in such a way by considering the best User Interface and User Experience.

Telkomsel FleetSight is built and offered by leveraging the widest network coverage advantages and national-scale technical support. This managed service conceptualized service also provides business benefits to the user's clients, by offering easy, flexible, and fully-customized business schemes to suit the client's business needs. In addition, the technology infrastructure used by FleetSight services will enable integration with existing platforms owned by users.

Telkomsel Launches Fleet Management Solution FleetSight

For more information about this FleetSight Telkomsel service, clients can access and contact the Telkomsel Account Representative.