Telkomsel Launches “Asset Performance Management” | Telkomsel

Telkomsel Launches “Asset Performance Management”

Telkomsel Launches “Asset Performance Management”

Jakarta, 27 April 2020 – Telkomsel as the largest mobile telecommunication company in Indonesia has now transformed into a leading telco digital company. Therefore, Telkomsel now also provides various digital innovations and solutions to support the government’s initiative “Making Indonesia 4.0”. Today, Telkomsel introduces Asset Performance Management, an end-to-end IoT solution that provides real-time visibility on location and condition of goods or assets including temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

CEO of Telkomsel Setyanto Hantoro says, “As a roadmap to the implementation of our national agenda, Making Indonesia 4.0, digital transformation is a must so we can accelerate Industry Revolution 4.0. Telkomsel is committed to support fourth industry revolution by integrating IoT technology in various industries. We understand that asset management is crucial for a business. Therefore, this new solution is created to increase operational efficiency, optimize productivity, and when implemented nationally, to expand Indonesia’s competitiveness.”

Existing monitoring system still relies on manual data entry, thus slow, complicated and error-prone. However, our new solution can automate asset monitoring and provide real-time information on the assets’ condition. Therefore, companies can reduce operational costs, human error, and ensure product quality. This solution can be implemented across industries, such as food and beverages, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical, logistics, and manufacturing. Cold chain monitoring, inventory management, and shipment monitoring are some of its use cases.

Asset Performance Management is a collaborative solution between Telkomsel and Roambee, an IoT startup based in Sillicon Valley, USA, who provides an end-to-end IoT based solution for asset monitoring. Roambee is an innovative startup that has been funded by Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI) as a Corporate Venture Capital unit of Telkomsel. One of Roambee’s key roles is enabling Smart Gateways (a sensor that connects directly to the cloud) and Smart Beacons (connected to Smart Gateways and can be installed in moving and fixed assets) as IoT Sensors to Asset Performance Management.

Telkomsel Launches “Asset Performance Management”

CEO of Roambee, Sanjay Sharma says, “Roambee’s collaboration with Telkomsel highlights our commitment to accelerating the accuracy and reliability of asset management. Through working with like-minded innovative partners and investors like Telkomsel, we can bring our best-in-class intelligent goods and asset monitoring solutions to manufacturers and logistics companies globally, in real-time and on-demand. We are delighted to play our part in the fast-evolving Indonesian and wider South East Asian markets.”

There are three key elements within this solution: IoT Sensors (Bees and Beacons), IoT Platform, and Online Dashboard. Firstly, the IoT sensors work through two types of devices; Bee (Smart Gateway) and Beacon, which can be installed on fixed and moving assets. Secondly, the IoT Platform is the infrastructure and application that manages data, including cloud and data analytics. Thirdly, the Online Dashboard enables business professionals to manage their assets through multiple online devices such as laptops and smartphones anytime, anywhere. The three key features on the Online Dashboard are real-time condition, historical reports, and notifications and alerts. For further information on Asset Performance Management, please access

Setyanto concluded by expressing his concern on the recent COVID-19 outbreak across the globe which has had a major impact on the global economy. "At the moment we are being challenged, but technology can be an important factor that helps us move forward. As we maintain our social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Telkomsel as a connectivity enabler will continue to work hard in creating digital innovations to keep people connected and to help industries maintain their businesses. Telkomsel would like to invite everyone with a shared vision to collaborate, work hand in hand to help our society get through this situation stronger."