Telkomsel Earns Six Accolades From Opensignal | Telkomsel

Telkomsel Earns Six Accolades From Opensignal

Telkomsel Earns Six Accolades From Opensignal

  • Six top accolades from Opensignal for Telkomsel are the most number of awards received by the best cellular operator in Indonesia.
  • Telkomsel is awarded in Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, Latency Experience categories, as well as receiving awards in two new categories 4G Coverage Experience, and Voice App Experience categories.
  • These awards are testament to Telkomsel’s commitment to keep moving forward in  serving the entire country supported by the latest technology widespread across the country for everyone in Indonesia.


Jakarta, February 26th, 2020 – Telkomsel has been consistently enabling connectivity with the latest technology to support creating the best digital experience for all customers which have been once again acknowledged by Opensignal. Telkomsel receives six accolades including two Opensignal’s new categories 4G Coverage and Voice App Experience by Opensignal, and these accolades are handed in officially to Telkomsel on February 26th, 2020.

Stepping into the 25th year of operation in serving customers, Telkomsel is committed to keep moving forward and contribute in accelerating Indonesia, by implementing superior technology and innovations in digital businesses. Taking the pleasure of Telkomsel’s continued commitment to enable the best customer-centric product and solution comprehensively, Telkomsel earns Opensignal Awards: Mobile Network Experience in the following categories Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, Latency Experience, and its two new categories Voice App Experience dan 4G Coverage Experience.

Director of Marketing Telkomsel Rachel Goh says, “Telkomsel appreciates accolades and report issued by Opensignal. These accolades are strong motivation for us to keep moving forward consistently in accelerating the nation to comprehensively and sustainably empowering digital lifestyle ecosystem in Indonesia, especially through transformation to enable digital services that would exceed our customer expectations,”

According to Opensignal: Mobile Network Experience, there is an increasing score in each award category. Telkomsel achieves an increased by 4.5 points to 58.8 in Video Experience category, this makes Telkomsel included in the ‘Good’ category in enabling online video experience and being the only cellular operator in Indonesia that is featured in this category.  Telkomsel’s commitment to provide the best customer’s experience in accessing online videos is translated in the availability of Video on Demand (VoD) MAXstream offering education, information, and entertaining programs across all segments.

Telkomsel Earns Six Accolades From Opensignal

As in the Download Speed Experience category, Telkomsel records 12Mbps download speed, increased by 23% over the last six months, in details, Telkomsel’s download speed in 4G network has reached 14,1Mbps. In the Upload Speed Experience category, Telkomsel is acknowledged for its speed to upload at 5,4Mbps overall,  or increased by 45% and Telkomsel’s speed to upload in 4G networks reaches 6,9Mbps. Telkomsel has been consistently ensuring the stability of its upload and download speeds, to provide the best customer’s experience as well as to support customer’s activities to upload photo, video, graphics, and live streaming across all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, as well as YouTube seamlessly.

Meanwhile, in the Latency Experience category, Telkomsel records latency at 45,5ms overall and latency in Telkomsel’s 4G networks at 40.1 ms. The latency measurement includes various internet user’s activities, from web surfing to playing online games. The lower the latency, the more responsive the broadband network to support any kind of digital service including mobile gaming. Telkomsel has consistently ensuring a reliable connection to all game enthusiasts. Furthermore, in order to support gamers, Telkomsel has also release new games such as Rise of Nowlin, Shellfire, and Lord of Estera which can be downloaded for free in Google Playstore and Appstore.

In the Voice App Experience category, Telkomsel receives a score of 77,3 out of 100. Voice App Experience is a new category that measure experience in using Over-The-Top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. In order to achieve score in this category, Telkomsel’s users must not experience any significant disruption. In the 4G Coverage Experience category, Telkomsel receives a score of 7.9 out of 10. Similar to Voice App Experience category, 4G Coverage Experience is also a new category. This score for Telkomsel sits in the highest level of score compared to other cellular operators as analyzed based on user’s locations while using 4G networks. Further details on the Opensignal report is available at

Telkomsel’s achievements are testament to its commitment in enabling a leading network technology equally across Indonesia. Especially while smartphone penetration and digital service adoption have significantly increased in Indonesia. In 2020, Telkomsel is planning to deploy 22.000 units of 4G LTE broadband BTSs across Indonesia. This is Telkomsel’s manifestation in enabling the latest digital connectivity across the country, while continue to maintain capacity and quality of broadband networks.

Telkomsel Earns Six Accolades From Opensignal

Director of Network Telkomsel FM Venusiana R says, “In order to support the on-going transformation at Telkomsel to become a true digital telco company, we need to build a supporting ecosystem comprehensively, from availability and equal distribution of the leading network technology, availability of digital products and services, to ensure the quality of broadband connection according customer’s needs. Accolades from Opensignal remind us that in 25 years Telkomsel has existed to build Indonesia in every phase of technology evolution by providing the best service to all our customers and Indonesia.”

Accolades from Opensignal is possible because of wonderful support from all our strategic partners and stakeholders especially the Indonesian government. We hope Telkomsel’s contribution to improve ecosystem of Indonesian telco industry today, could be continously improved. We hope our collaborations would become stronger and contribute to Telkomsel’s digital transformation in enabling the best digital experience to all customers.” Rachel concluded.