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Telkomsel CSR Program 2017

Telkomsel CSR Program 2017

Jakarta, 19 June 2017 In line with Telkomsel’s 22nd anniversary corporate theme: Accelerating the Country, Telkomsel launched the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, which consists of The NextDev, IndonesiaNEXT, #InternetBAIK, Telkomsel Digital Campus, and PETANI. The launch of CSR program that focuses on the positive use of digital t echnology reinforces Telkomsel's commitment to build Indonesia and its digital ecosystem.

President Director of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said, "Digital technology’s advancement needs to be utilized together positively to support the development of Indonesia. This new level of progress in technology certainly opens up new opportunities, and we believe it can encourage change as well as bring positive social impacts in the community . "

Ririek added that Telkomsel consistently deploy its network all across the country, so that more people can connect with the Internet and experience digital services. This is part of Telkomsel'seffort in building digital ecosystem in Indonesia. However, he added, it needs to be done together with various parties who also want to make the change to a better direction. For that, since 2015 Telkomsel’s CSR programs involve various stakeholders.”

Telkomsel Luncurkan Rangkaian Program CSR 2017

As a commitment to support the development of digital ecosystem in the country, this year Telkomsel signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two young local startups: Habibi Garden and Eragano, the winners and finalists of The NextDev 2016 program. Both startups will collaborate to boost PETANI, an e-agriculture solution aimed at empowering farmer communities in Indonesia from upstream to downstream through the utilization of technology, especially cellular and Internet of Things (IoT).

PETANI will combine the power of Telkomsel's reliable network in various agricultural or plantation locations, with Habibi Garden's ability to monitor real-time plant conditions, and Eragano in developing upstream to downstream solutions for domestic farmers by utilizing digital platform. This solution is ultimately expected to improve farmer productivity, reduce costs, and minimize the possibility of failure to plant.

Telkomsel Luncurkan Rangkaian Program CSR 2017

For the pilot project phase, PETANI will be implemented in South Lampung (for chilli) and in Garut, West Java (for potato) with total area of cultivated land reaching nine hectares, involving more than two groups of farmers and implementing automation system on irrigation mechanism, fertilization, and intensity Light, and the use of 560 sensors to read the ground conditions.

"We are proud to cooperate with young people with aspirations to advance Indonesia through the use of technology. It gets more special for us, knowing that Habibi Garden and Eragano are graduates from our The NextDev program," explained Ririek.

This year, Telkomsel will launch The NextDev competition for the third time. So far, this program has captured 1,400 applications from all over Indonesia, and it stands as one of Telkomsel's effort to encourage young Indonesians to compete in the digital age. This year The NextDev invites young  people of Indonesia to make their imagination and ideas for Health, Education, Agriculture, and Transportation (HEAT) sector come true.

Telkomsel Luncurkan Rangkaian Program CSR 2017

In addition to The NextDev, Telkomsel will host again IndonesiaNEXT, which is a certification program aimed at increasing students’ capacity and professional skills to face global competition. About 3,800 participants from 344 public and private campuses throughout Indonesia have attended this certification programs, that is supported by trusted certification bodies, both nationally and internationally. This year IndonesiaNEXT will be held in 10 cities.

Meanwhile, to encourage the utilization of information technology that can support various formaland informal activities at college level, this year Telkomsel will hold Digital Community Campus program; planned to be implemented in 20 campuses in 20 cities in Indonesia.

On the other hand, to build a positive digital ecosystem, Telkomsel conduct #InternetBAIK (Responsible, Safe, Inspirational and Creative) program where the main aim is to encourage people to use the Internet and information technology positively. In 2016, the program has involved 2,800 teachers and parents, 54 schools, 900 students, and 550 ambassadors who will help educate the community.

"We want to continue to play an active role in engaging the public in positive Internet usage. This year's progra of #InternetBAIK will be rolling in more cities, so the awareness on the importance of responsible, safe, inspirational and creative Internet usage can increase", Concludes Ririek.