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Telkomsel Continues to Build Networks to Remote

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In an effort to support the government in declaring telecommunications access throughout Indonesia, Telkomsel continues to build network infrastructure to remote areas, including in populated areas that have not yet gained access to telecommunications. This year Telkomsel plans to build 63 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in remote locations through the Red and White program.

A total of 63 BTS Merah Putih which will be held by Telkomsel this year are spread in various regions of Indonesia, such as in NTT (16 BTS), NTB (7 BTS), Maluku (11 BTS), Sulawesi (21 BTS), Papua (5 BTS) And Kepri (3 BTS). The presence of 63 new base stations in these locations is expected to be able to serve the communication needs of approximately 120,000 people who previously had difficulties in accessing telecommunication services. Since it was first launched in 2008, Telkomsel Merah Putih project has successfully opened a network of approximately 450 locations from the west end to the eastern tip of Indonesia, which continues to be improved in terms of quality and capacity.


President Director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah said, "Since its inception 22 years ago, Telkomsel has a vision to unite Indonesia through the presence of telecommunication services in various locations in Indonesia, so that people can be connected whenever and wherever. To date, where we consistently build up remote areas so as not to be isolated from the telecommunications side. "

Furthermore, Ririek added, "Currently, telecommunications is not only the main needs of the people in big cities but also to the remote areas, so we also continue to work to meet the needs of the community through cellular services that we present, so that more people in remote areas that can Enjoying telecommunication services with the same quality standards as other regions throughout Indonesia We hope that the presence of these services can contribute to better change in various sectors of the region. "