Telkomsel and ZTE Collaborate in Trialing the Utilization of 5G Network to Meet Digital Connectivity Needs in the Indonesian Maritime Area | Telkomsel

Telkomsel and ZTE Collaborate in Trialing the Utilization of 5G Network to Meet Digital Connectivity Needs in the Indonesian Maritime Area

Telkomsel dan ZTE berkolaborasi dalam uji coba pemanfaatan jaringan 5G di wilayah perairan.

  • Telkomsel collaborates with ZTE to test the coverage of 5G transmitters in the maritime area based on the 2.3GHz frequency band in Gorontalo.
  • In this collaboration, ZTE provides network equipment solutions to support Telkomsel in increasing the capacity and quality of broadband networks in Indonesia's maritime region.


Jakarta, 1 Maret 2023 - Telkomsel continues its commitment as the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia with ZTE Corporation in the latest collaboration to synergize to test the 5G network capability improvement based on the 2.3 GHz frequency band, which can increase the coverage of broadband services for the maritime area. Telkomsel and ZTE presented this strategic collaboration in conjunction with the Mobile World Conference event in Barcelona on February 27, 2023. This collaboration aims to support the acceleration of national economic growth, which is increasingly rapid through the provision of digital connectivity for the development of the fisheries and marine tourism sectors, as well as meeting the increasing demand for communication access in the maritime area potential in Indonesia.


This trial was carried out in the province of Gorontalo, one of the regions with tremendous maritime potential in Indonesia, which has a coastline of 903.7 km, where the naval sector is one of the mainstays for the regional economy. Data from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service stated that in 2019, 19,013 fishermen depended on the sea. Thus, the availability of communication network infrastructure and internet access is one of the essential requirements to support the growth and acceleration of a digital-based economy.


Telkomsel dan ZTE Berkolaborasi Dalam Uji Coba Pemanfaatan Jaringan 5G


Telkomsel Director of Network Nugroho said, "Telkomsel consistently continues to strengthen its main capabilities in providing telecommunications networks and services with the latest technology following developing necessities. By strategically collaborating with cross-industry players such as ZTE, Telkomsel can support the national digital transformation roadmap using innovative 5G technology. We hope that this collaboration in testing the availability of 5G broadband services, which this time will focus on the maritime sector, can further open opportunities for better access to digital telecommunications, simultaneously accelerating digital economic growth in the Gorontalo region more inclusively and sustainably."


"We are honored to continue our collaboration with Telkomsel to build a 5G network in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi. Through the collaboration, ZTE is presenting connectivity experiences that are able to encourage more comprehensive progress for the people of Gorontalo. Furthermore, it also encourages equal opportunities for all people in Indonesia's maritime region to gain access to advanced digital lifestyle experiences. As the leading technology company, ZTE is committed to continually driving the digital ecosystem in Indonesia by presenting various innovative solutions and products, and to providing the best experience for society," said Richard Liang Weiqi, President Director of ZTE Indonesia.


In this collaboration, the solution used to improve the quality and coverage of broadband networks in Indonesia's maritime area is a 5G radio device from ZTE with Active Antenna technology that can reach up to a radius of 60 km.


Until now, Telkomsel has been gradually and measurably committed to developing and expanding the coverage of leading 4G/LTE and 5G broadband network technology throughout Indonesia to provide equal distribution of service quality for all people throughout the country. By consistently strengthening the ecosystem for using 5G technology, both in the consumer (B2C) and enterprise (B2B) segments, Telkomsel seeks to accelerate the pace of national digital transformation and support Indonesia's economic growth in various sectors. Expanding 5G coverage in Indonesia's maritime areas will support more economic activities such as shipping, fishing, and tourism.