Telkomsel and BlackBerry Present Enterprise Mobility Suites Solution | Telkomsel

Telkomsel and BlackBerry Present Enterprise Mobility Suites Solution

Telkomsel and BlackBerry Present Enterprise Mobility Suites Solution

Jakarta, 27 September 2017 Telkomsel continues to show its seriousness in working on the corporate segment by launching new solutions through Telkomsel MyBusiness. This time Telkomsel is working alongside with BlackBerry to present Enterprise Mobility Suites (EMS), a complete solution for corporate customer devices’ security. Using EMS, Telkomsel ensures the company's data, content, and  applications could be accessed anywhere and anytime using any device securely. This will ultimately enable the company's employees to work flexible and more productive.

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing Arief Pradetya said, “With the increasing number of cyber-attack incidents happening, also phenomena of Bring Your Own Device or Laptop that has been increasing, we see the corporate’s need for digital security in this era of mobility has become more inevitable. Thus, we are partnering with BlackBerry as the Leader at Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobility Management Suites on June 2017 edition to present this solution.”

Moreover, Arief also added that there is a demand from the corporate market for network security, which has shifted from computer network to endpoint network, that described by BlackBerry as the Enterprise of Things (EoT). Blackberry fulfilling the EoT needs using BlackBerry Secure platform, whereas it helps corporate in managing connected endpoints series effectively, including mobile phone, laptop, device, and other things connected securely, also to support communication for all types of messaging and file.

Richard McLeod, BlackBerry’s Vice President of Global Channels, said, “As one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Indonesia is utterly an important market for BlackBerry, a leading global cybersecurity with a long history in mobile communication. As the requirement for mobility in the workplace continues to thrive in Indonesia and at the same time we are also facing threats of data leakage and security that needs to increase, Blackberry and Telkomsel are teaming up to help corporates through 'BlackBerry Secure' and maximize productivity. We are proud to announce the partnership with Telkomsel, which also expanding our global ecosystem with software company partner, especially in Indonesia”.

Working alongside with BlackBerry, Telkomsel offers corporate customer flexibility and scalability as the business continues to change and develop. Furthermore, EMS could also help to simplify the complexity of business, without sacrificing the security side. With the guarantee of security side, the customer could focus on developing their business. Supported by trusted security system from BlackBerry, the corporate customer of Telkomsel could manage various connected devices and things comfortably.

Telkomsel dan Blackberry  Hadirkan Solusi Enterprise Mobility Suites

“We are giving a complete solution for mobility bundled in communication and data services of Telkomsel. Furthermore, EMS enables the customer to set up any endpoints, running the application, synchronization, and sharing file between mobile devices, so employee could manage various sensitive and confidential information anywhere and anytime,” affirmed Arief.

EMS provides security, management and control policy on multiple platforms, such as iOS, AndroidTM, Windows® 10, MacOS, and Samsung KnoxTM. There are five types of EMS according to the needs of the corporation: Management Edition, Enterprise Edition, Collaboration Edition, Application Edition, and Content Edition which include the following features to increase productivity and corporate security:

  • Managing Microsoft Office 365 Mobile App: IT could manage and implement security protection policy to mobile Microsoft Office 365 application such as Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint from BlackBerry UEM.
  • Access to corporate business data on ‘Unmanaged Laptops’: The user of Blackberry Access could protect corporate business data on the personal device or BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) even on Windows 10 and MacOS.
  • Synchronization and Sharing Secure and Renewable Corporate File: Solution of synchronization and sharing the corporate file, BlackBerry Workspace, which enables adding comments, @mentions, warning, and completed by Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature. DocuSign is integrated as well, adding working flow for the legal documents such as loan application and financial transaction.
  • Analysis Application: With Blackberry Analytics feature, company’s IT discovers trend and behavior from the utilization of employee’s device such as the amount of time the user spends, user’s type of device, the application that is used, and many more so it could help increasing the productivity of the corporate business. 

With those features, this service is expected to increase the productivity of corporate’s company but still keeping the company data secure. Beside its easiness to use, it will also support corporates in encouraging their employee to use corporate’s application. Another benefit is that the customer could enjoy ‘start small and pay as you grow’ as the flexible pricing models. EMS offers monthly payment, for each user (one user, five devices).