Roadshow Campaign #InternetBAIK 2017 Has Just Begun! | Telkomsel

Roadshow Campaign #InternetBAIK 2017 Has Just Begun!

Roadshow Campaign #InternetBAIK 2017 Has Just Begun!

Sukabumi, 29 August 2017 Telkomsel has officially begun the campaign #InternetBAIK in Sukabumi, which will be held in 15 cities according to this year’s plan. This Telkomsel CSR program is specifically directed for positive usage of Internet or BAIK (Bertanggung Jawab or responsible, Aman or secure, Inspiratif or inspirational and Kreatif or creative). The campaign will target at least 650 people to receive the benefits including teachers, parents of students and students in every city in forms of seminar, workshop “Cool Ways to Educate Students and Children”, citizen journalism, and short video production to encourage community to produce positive and inspirational content as well.

#InternetBAIK is a part of Telkomsel’s contribution and campaign in creating a positive digital ecosystem in Indonesia and involve various stakeholders in the implementation itself. In 2016, this program has involved 2.800 teachers, as well as parents of students, 54 schools, 900 students and 550 ambassadors #InternetBAIK that will help the education progress to the community.

Vice President Corporate Communications, Adita Irawati said, “We see that the digital ecosystem in Indonesia needs to be built equally with a positive spirit, so it could produce various productive things for the community. Therefore, we invite various elements in the community to have active roles to build awareness on positive internet usage.”

Moreover, Adita also added that the first #InternetBAIK campaign was held last year, is one form of Telkomsel’s social responsibility, as the leading mobile service provider in Indonesia. The response for this program is very good and has reassured Telkomsel to continue educating people in Indonesia regarding the use of information technology and communication that can give added value.

This year #InternetBAIK presents a new concept regarding cyber wellness education that hope could help the teachers and parents in guiding and accompanying the children and young generation to take advantage on the advancement of information technology and not to forget the values of the nation’s personality. Aside from that, the program is expected to persuade bigger audience to be aware of negative contents in the digital domain such as cyberbullying, hoax news, pornography and cybercrime.

Roadshow Kampanye #InternetBAIK 2017 dimulai!

Responsible in using internet means taking advantages of internet appropriately with normas and ethics. Secure means the user of the internet is protected from any potential crime and bad impact from the internet. Inspirational means to use the internet for positive things in order to increase users’ quality of life and people around them. While creative means to create a productive digital ecosystem as a form of development and creativity that useful for the society.

#InternetBAIK is a cyber wellness campaign that includes a series of socialization activities and workshop that target children (students of elementary 4-6) and teenagers (students of junior high school) as the entry-level or internet user, also parents and teachers that have role as supervisor and companion, so the understanding of the utilization of the internet positively could be actualized comprehensively.

“We are open for collaboration with various community and relevant stakeholders, so this campaign can be developed into a social movement to increase awareness of the importance of Internet BAIK for wider community”.

On this second year, Telkomsel involves Kita dan Buah Hati foundation that has been focusing on consultation, guidance, training and advocacy regarding family and child care issues since 1998; ICT Watch as the initiator organization of digital literacy movement “Internet Sehat” since 2002; and Kakatu, an application that can be used to protect children in digital world in order to protect them from addiction of gadget, online games and negative contents.