Ramadhan Roadshow 1438 Hijriyah: Share Happiness with 10.000 Orphans | Telkomsel

Ramadhan Roadshow 1438 Hijriyah: Share Happiness with 10.000 Orphans

Ramadhan Roadshow 1438 Hijriyah: Share Happiness with 10.000 Orphans

Jakarta, 30 May 2017 – Putting the spirit of "Sharing in Togetherness", Telkomsel held an iftar- fasting roadshow with 10,000 orphans in five cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Palembang, Kendari, Serang, and Yogyakarta. In addition to donations for orphans, Telkomsel also provides assistance to 50 mosques and foundations in various regions of Indonesia.

President Director of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said, "Through this roadshow activity in the month of Ramadhan, Telkomsel wants to share the happiness of togetherness with orphans, as well as mosques and foundations that need assistance. This social s activity is an expression of our gratitude for the trust of customers and society to Telkomsel, as well as our efforts to add value to the community and environment that always support Telkomsel in serving Indonesia. "

In this Ramadhan roadshow activity, donation is given to orphans in the form of pocket money and school supplies. Meanwhile, donation for the mosque and foundation is handed over to repair facilities and prayer facilities.

Implementation of roadshow in each city begins with pre-event Digital Islamic Festival, which contains activities of tausyiah, adzan, recitations, as well as Islamic art. In Jakarta, on the night of takbiran Telkomsel will also provide a gift of Lebaran to the guards at various institutions / public service agencies such as hospitals, firemen, police stations, railroad crossings, and 24-hour GraPARI customer service.

Roadshow Ramadhan 1438 Hijriyah Telkomsel Berbagi dalam Kebersamaan dengan 10.000 Anak Yatim

In addition to conducting various social acitivities Telkomsel board of directors are also checking on the location of base station controller (BSC), base transceiver station (BTS) as well as GraPARI customer service center to ensure Telkomsel network and service network availability during the period Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Welcoming the month of Ramadan, Telkomsel has shared the Ramadhan takjil of 22 tons of palm dates symbolically performed on May 15, 2017 at Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta, to then be presented to various mosques in 12 regions representing the area from the west end to the eastern tip of Indonesia, so that it can be enjoyed by the ge neral public during breaking the fast. The twelve regions are Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, West Java, Cirebon, Semarang, Surabaya, Madura, Makassar, Mataram, Ternate and Raja Ampat.

To ensure network readiness in anticipation of communication traffic spikes during Ramadhan and Idul Fitri periods, Telkomsel has conducted Network Drive Test conducted approximately 11,000 kilometers covering Surabaya - Malang homecong route and Java railway line across North and South , The main route from Port Merak to Banten to Ketapang Port in Banyuwangi through the North Line, South Line and Toll Road. In addition, trials are also conducted on the Sumatra Highway(main road) from Bakauheni to Banda Aceh through the Western Highway, the Central Traffic Route and the Eastern Cross Routes.

In terms of service, Telkomsel will present a homecoming post and service point at public hub sites that have been identified so that customer communication needs are maintained, in addition to existing service points, namely 84 GraPARI Telkomsel Siaga and 346 GraPARI Mitra Siaga, 487 Mobile  GraPARI , 81 units of MyGraPARI self-service digital service, and 359 Branch Office Partner Distributors (TDC). At the same time, Telkomsel's distributor partners are also on hand to maintain the availability of starter pack and reload voucher (mkios) through 3779 Siaga Outlets