Microsoft and Telkomsel Announce Strategic Partnership in AI Based-Edge Computing for Industry 4.0 in Indonesia | Telkomsel

Microsoft and Telkomsel Announce Strategic Partnership in AI Based-Edge Computing for Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Microsoft and Telkomsel Announce Strategic Partnership in AI Based-Edge Computing for Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 3, 2020 – Microsoft and Telkomsel have formed a strategic partnership to implement the latest technologies that will  enable outlying regions in Indonesia have access to enhanced connectivity and solutions similar to that in major cities.   This partnership leverages Telkomsel's innovations in its private LTE network offerings and upcoming 5G network, allowing geographically widespread network infrastructure to provide closer data processing to decision makers as well as new, customized technology solutions in outlying regions.

The technical collaboration of Microsoft’s cloud capabilities that includes Cloud Edge, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and data hubs, coupled with Telkomsel’s network, would offer lower latency between devices and the cloud resulting in the creation of new, future solutions for consumers and businesses.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Microsoft Indonesia President Haris Izmee and Telkomsel Chief Executive Officer Setyanto Hantoro and witnessed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the on the sidelines of //Dev Con/ Microsoft Indonesia Digital Economy Summit in Jakarta last week.

With this collaboration, Microsoft will facilitate technical and sales empowerment, prepare development programs, provide sales resources, and help Telkomsel improve their sales capabilities. Telkomsel will improve its technical capabilities and competencies to adopt and improve Microsoft solutions in its IT offering to the international, commercial and user sectors of Telkomsel. They will also develop key digital enterprise solutions that utilize Microsoft's technology platforms for the energy and manufacturing industries, offering IoT, Data Hub, and AI.

Microsoft dan Telkomsel Umumkan Kemitraan Strategis dalam Edge Computing Berbasis AI untuk Industri 4.0 di Indonesia

“Through this partnership, Microsoft and Telkomsel are set to bring together the capabilities and resources of both companies to expand business relationships and achieve our shared goals. In accordance with Microsoft's focus on digital transformation, we are collaborating to establish a pilot project on top of Telkomsel’s Private LTE infrastructure with the implementation of Azure Stack Edge to support customers in remote areas who need internet connectivity and AI solutions,” said Microsoft Indonesia President Director Haris Izmee.

"Telkomsel is excited to collaborate with Microsoft.  The collaboration is in line with our commitment to continue moving forward accelerating the nation by ensuring equal network deployment and seamless access to the latest digital technology across Indonesia. We hope the collaboration between Telkomsel and Microsoft would improve competitiveness and quality of life in Indonesia while enhancing business performance through the implementation of an integrated digital technology,” said Telkomsel Chief Executive Officer Setyanto Hantoro.

This strategic partnership strengthens Telkomsel's focus on the Enterprise segment. Telkomsel has also collaborated with various partners to provide digital services to meet the needs of the Enterprise segment, especially for IoT, Big Data, Data Secured Access, Mobile Device Management, Cloud, and others.

Microsoft and Telkomsel agreed to develop IoT by leveraging the evolution of Microsoft's network functions and key technologies to enable augmented cloud IoT hybrid networks. In addition, both parties agree to promote marketing and communications activities on information technology solutions to increase market influence and provide customers with added value.

Microsoft celebrated 25 years of operations in Indonesia by hosting //Dev Con/ Microsoft Indonesia Digital Economy Summit - their largest developer conference in Asia Pacific, in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information (KOMINFO) on Thursday, 27 February 2020. More than 4,500 registered participants, more than 700 start-ups and more than a million viewers learnt about Microsoft’s investment in developing and skilling Indonesia as well as the critical role developers play as every part of our lives get transformed by computing.