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LOOP KePo 2017 Encourage Creative Young People Positively

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Telkomsel through its brand aimed at young people, especially the youth segment (12-19 years) that is LOOP, re-organize LOOP KePo (Creative Project). With the theme 'Capture Your Awesome Moment of Activities', LOOP KePo 2017 this time invites LOOPers to express various excitement about extracurricular and hobby of each school through video.

LOOP KePo has been held since 2014, and is a program devoted to the development of digital creativity of young people of Indonesia, namely creativity and dig potential by utilizing technology with positive and productive.

Vice President of Brand and Communications of Telkomsel, Nirwan Lesmana said, "The young generation is the spearhead of Indonesia's development in the digital era today, through LOOP KePo, we want to give them the opportunity to express their ideas, passion and creativity so that in the future they are ready to support Indonesia All digital. "

Nirwan also added that this time LOOPers not only invited to just make digital content, but also began to produce quality video content, which can steal the attention and raised their name among the rampant variety of other content on the digital platform.

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Since its launch in March 2014, LOOP has received a positive response among young people with its competitive and creative product offerings in data and digital services. Nirwan then explained that in line with his tagline 'This is WE', LOOP is also committed to give more value to Indonesian youth, by continuing to provide a forum for them to express and develop themselves.