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Family Protect Provides Safe Internet Access for Family

Family Protect Provides Safe Internet Access for Family

Jakarta, 16 October 2017 –  To support the positive use of Internet, Telkomsel working in collaboration with Family Zone, an Australian company specializing in internet security, offers Family Protect service for the customers. Family Protect is a mobile app-based service that allows parents to monitor and control activity on their children’s mobile devices, in order to protect them from unfavorable impacts Internet such as cyber-bullying, access to adult websites, excessive internet usage time, etc.

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Digital Lifestyle, Crispin Tristram said, "As the cellular provider in Indonesia, we encourage the positive and beneficial use of Internet. To minimize the unfavorable impact from Internet to children, we try to provide the solution through Family Protect, an innovative parental control service with complete and comprehensive feature which can be customized to the habits and needs of each family."

Tristram then added that Family Protect also further equipped Telkomsel’s commitment in promoting cyber-wellness in order to achieve a constructive digital ecosystem through an on-going campaign called #internetBAIK, a socialization and education for parents, children and teacher at schools about  internet utilization in a good (BAIK) way (BAIK = Bertanggungjawab/Responsible, Aman/Safe, Inspirastif/Inspirational, and Kreatif/Creative).

The Family Protect has a complete feature to monitor and control Internet activity on children’s mobile devices, such as Safe Content that serves to eliminate negative content or adult content, site blocking and search restrictions from Google, Bing and YouTube based on certain keywords. In addition, there is Manage Apps that is useful for blocking downloads and turning off app purchases, as well as Manage Screen Time to set children’s online activity time in such conditions as study time, school and rest. Device Feature Manager can also be used by parents to manage access feature on children’s device, for example camera, and others.

Layanan Family Protect Hadirkan Akses Internet Aman bagi Keluarga

The Telkomsel and Family Zone collaborations for Family Protect also provide different parental control experiences compared to similar services, such as the use of parent and child connected apps through activation keys, access to cyber experts for internet security-related consultations, warnings against illicit site access or other violations, remote control to turn off child Internet services, browsing activity and app usage dashboard, etc.

This service protects and controls family internet access through Family Protect applications installed on parents’ and children’s device. Telkomsel customers’ can use the service by accessing *500*56# with subscription rate of Rp. 13,200 per month for two protected devices or Rp. 8,800 per month for one protected device. After selecting the subscription rate, they will then get an SMS with a link to download the application at Google Playstore, along with its activation code.

"Family Protect is the answer to the families’ growing concern over internet utilization. By minimizing the less useful internet activity, we hope to ease parents so they can maximize the positive use of the internet for their children’s development", Tristram concluded.