Collaborating with Telkomsel, MCAS launches DigiSaham: Stock Information Platform to Serve Millions of Investors in Indonesia

Berkolaborasi dengan Telkomsel, MCAS Luncurkan DigiSaham: Platform Informasi Saham untuk Layani Jutaan Investor di Indonesia

Jakarta, September 26th, 2020 - PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (IDX: MCAS), a leading digital distribution company in Indonesia, announced the launching of DigiSaham, the first WhatsApp-based real-time stock information platform in Indonesia, in collaboration with PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel) through the Telkomsel POIN program.

Built upon a widely-accessible WhatsApp-based platform, DigiSaham is expected to be a useful educational tool to introduce millions of millennials and Gen Z to the capital market, and encourage them to learn about stocks and investing from an early age. In addition, DigiSaham will also make it easier for retail investors to stay updated with capital market movements and track information related to their watchlist in an efficient manner.

The DigiSaham platform is built with a scalable architecture that connects host-to-host to WhatsApp which makes it easy to access information related to the capital market to all levels of society, especially to the millions of retail investors in Indonesia’s capital market. DigiSaham offers content that is easy to use and understand but informative with personalization features on multiple watchlists as well as intuitive and parameterized push / pull alerts and notifications. Retail investors no longer need to sit in front of their computers, and simply receive price notifications on their WhatsApp.

Mohammad Anis Yunianto, Director of MCAS, commented, “DigiSaham is one of MCAS initiatives built on the Enterprise Communication Platform (WhatsApp Business Solution). We recognize the general preference of smartphone users not to have too many applications on their devices. Through this initiative, we hope it can simplify and make it easier for people to get information about the stock market through the WhatsApp platform.”

"We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Telkomsel to provide added value to loyal Telkomsel users through the redemption of Telkomsel POIN. In the future, MCAS will introduce more services that aim to increase customer engagement according to the needs of our business partners who use WhatsApp Business Solution."Anis added.

Berkolaborasi dengan Telkomsel, MCAS Luncurkan DigiSaham: Platform Informasi Saham untuk Layani Jutaan Investor di Indonesia

GM Telkomsel Loyalty Management, Denok Andriani, added, "Telkomsel is committed to continue moving forward in presenting various innovations that can provide digital technology benefits to all levels of society, in all sectors of life. That is what underlies our efforts in presenting a program with MCAS as an appreciation for loyal Telkomsel customers. We hope this loyalty program can provide a lot of convenience and education needed in investing, as well as increase Telkomsel customer satisfaction in using our various products and services."

Denok also added, "The cooperation between Telkomsel and MCAS is also in accordance with the spirit of innovation and collaboration of Telkomsel as a digital telco company, in developing an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem, because this collaboration has enormous potential in introducing DigiSaham to hundreds of millions of Telkomsel customers."

Through the collaboration between Telkomsel and MCAS, Telkomsel customers can enjoy the opportunity to subscribe to premium packages using the Telkomsel POIN they have. Simply by exchanging 5 Telkomsel POINS, Telkomsel customers can get a DigiSaham premium subscription voucher for 1 month. Telkomsel customers can easily exchange their Telkomsel POIN through the MyTelkomsel application, or by dialing the access menu *700*406#.

DigiSaham can be enjoyed for free by everyone. Users only need to save their DigiSaham contacts 0811-4560-8888 and send the “MCAS” command to DigiSaham WhatsApp to start performing basic monitoring functions on their favorite stocks. Premium packages are available for investors who need more in-depth technical analysis.

MCAS plans to continue to present a variety of new innovative services that users can easily access via WhatsApp. Progressively, as more initiatives are launched, MCAS will be able to empower users with various services that can operate on one platform.