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Students and Graduates


The young to innovate

Develop your potentials and make contributions to Indonesian people. It's time for you to work and make meanings together with Telkomsel.

Students & Graduates

THRIVE: Telkomsel Tech Enthusiast

A community for young people who have interests in tech. We conduct regular sharing sessions with Telkomsel tech experts and young professionals. Apart from that, we also conduct bootcamps for students to unlock their career opportunities in the future. Because we believe; the best talents exist out there, they just need a chance.

Telkomsel Trainee

Through Telkomsel Trainee program, we guide the future leaders to build Digital Indonesia. You will receive on-the-job-training for 6 months in various business areas according to your skills and interest. At the end of the program, you will get the opportunity to become a permanent employee in Telkomsel. Through this program, you will get developing experiences designed for fresh graduates and young professionals.

Telkomsel Next Gen

Are you students who want to contribute to accelerating the digital ecosystem in Indonesia? Telkomsel NextGen offers the opportunity for college students in their last years who want to develop digital products and services with Telkomsel.

We want to know how the ideas and innovations from the future generation can create an impact on Telkomsel and give a positive benefit to our people. For a year, you will be a part of our big family and receive the opportunity to self-develop that will be useful in your future career.