Thousands of Special Gifts for Customers at the End of Year

Akhir Tahun, Pelanggan Bisa Dapat Ribuan Hadiah Spesial Ini

         Thousands of Special Gifts for Customers at the End of Year


Customers have opportunities to earn thousands of special prizes, including four units of BMW 320i Sport and eight units of Honda Brio towards the end of 2017, as an appreciation of customers’ trust in Telkomsel. This program is open to all of kartuHalo, simPATI, Kartu As, and LOOP customers.

Customers can get the drawing coupon by various options, such as by activating or renewing  voice, text message, NSP or ring back tone, data service or Music Max, Video Max, and game vouchers. Customers can also get the coupon by redeeming Telkomsel POIN to shop online at All the activities can be done through MyTelkomsel application or by accessing *123#. Moreover, customers can also get the coupon through T-CASH Tap transaction with minimum value of IDR 20,000 or by re-registering their pre-paid card which has not been re-registered.

Beside cars as the main prize, customers also have the opportunity to get various special prizes, including 40 units of Honda Beat CBS ISS motorcycles, 400 units of Samsung J5 Prime smartphone, as well as 2,000 top up vouchers each worth of IDR 500,000 and 8,000 shopping voucher each worth of IDR 200,000.

The program is held in four periods, which are 1-31 October 2017, 1-30 November 2017, 1-31 December 2017, and 1-31 January 2018. The prize tax borne by Telkomsel. Detailed information regarding this program can be accessed at