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A Simple Tap for Riding Trans Semarang Bus

A Simple Tap for Riding Trans Semarang Bus

A Simple Tap for Riding Trans Semarang Bus

Following a variety of retail payment services, bank connectivity services (TCASH Extras), and overseas remittance services, TCASH digital financial services’ coverage was developed by TCASH Pass service trial at Rapid Transit Bus (RTB) Semarang.

The TCASH Pass feature was developed to address the need for fast and repeatable digitization of payments in the transport sector. Implementation of this technology allows transactions in payment terminals easily and quickly without the need to authorize the PIN.

The pass feature in TCASH service was presented in an effort to accelerate the development of the Smart City concept as well as a form of support in building the National Non-Cash Movement launched by the government through the digitization of payment of transportation services.

"TCASH service is expected to increase the speed of Trans Semarang service. The majority of Trans Semarang users who are Telkomsel subscribers are believed to be greatly facilitated by the running of this system,” said Hendrar Prihadi, the Mayor of Semarang.

To facilitate this service, customers who actively use TCASH services can easily enable the TCASH Pass feature on the TCASH near-field communication (NFC) sticker available at the transportation service center, especially at the RTB Semarang City Hall and GraPARI Semarang bus stops. Upon activation of TCASH Tap service and Pass feature, customers can allocate balance for TCASH Pass service.

Cukup Tap, Langsung Bisa Naik Bus Trans Semarang

TCASH transactions within RTB Semarang can be directly done on the bus by taping or sticking TCASH NFC sticker to Semarang RTB payment terminal brought by officer. Subscribers are charged at the prevailing rate, which is IDR 3,500 for public and IDR 1,000 for students. To support the ease of access of TCASH services, there is also special access to activate TCASH service for Semarang City through access menu *800*024#.

The TCASH Pass service at Trans Semarang Bus is the first step to enter the public transport sector. This feature was developed to address the needs of customers who want to use TCASH as a means of payment in their daily lives. TCASH Pass is expected to further facilitate the daily life of the people of Semarang into a digital society in the midst of this rapidly growing technology.

In the launching of TCASH and RTB Semarang services, besides being able to experience TCASH Pass service at RTB Semarang, the community can also experience of using TCASH service to enjoy various culinary delights. In line with the series of celebrations of the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the whole menu of food and beverage at the launch event is marketed with a special price of IDR 72.

Cooperation with Semarang City Government in the future will be developed through the implementation of non-cash payment in various other public facilities, such as garbage charges, government administration fees, and so on.

Currently more than 12 million customers have enjoyed TCASH services throughout Indonesia. The digital financial services ecosystem is consistently being developed by partnering with various parties to support government efforts to build the Non-Cash National Movement and accelerate inclusive finance for Indonesians.