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Secure Tips to Interact in Social Media

Interaksi sosial media

  1. Use Unique and Strong Passwords: When creating an account, choose a unique and unpredictable password. Use different passwords for each site. The goal is that if one account is compromised, another account is secure.
  2. Check the Site URL Before Login: Phishing crime will usually persuade the victim to give username and password, after which phishers send spam to all follower of your social media account. Often phishers try to deceive the victim by providing a link that directs the victim to a fake login page.
  3. Take advantage of privacy protection features: Actually this feature is available either on Facebook or Twitter. Only we often ignore it. Though this feature is important. With this feature we can block people who disturb us, or can also be limited so that only certain people who can see our profile and post.
  4. Update and Sign Out: Routine update your browser and operating system with the latest patches and versions. If you use a public computer, such as a computer in a library or school, make sure to always sign out of your social media account after it's done.