Direct Solutions and Information through Chats with A Virtual Assistant

Direct Solutions and Information through Chats with A Virtual Assistant

Direct Solutions and Information through Chats with A Virtual Assistant

In order to provide the best mobile digital lifestyle experience to customers, GraPARI Virtual is launched to answer various requests for information about products and services from customers anytime and anywhere. The self-service developed with Accenture is accessible to customers through various social chat platforms: LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Telkomsel became the first mobile operator in Indonesia to implement this virtual service.

GraPARI Virtual is a customer service solution in digital channels that combines artificial intelligence, customer analytics, and human interaction to produce a self-service that provides a better, faster, and more precise customer experience. A virtual assistant named "Veronika" who is present 7 x 24 hours in this service makes it easy for customers to interact directly through social chat platform.

Various services improvements in the digital channel is conducted continuously to improve the customer experience in interacting with Telkomsel. GraPARI Virtual is expected to provide information about products and services asked by customers with more quickly and precisely.

In serving customers, GraPARI Virtual can respond to various requests for information from customers, including nearby GraPARI locations, 4G upgrades, package activation andsubscription, information, T-Care PIN, and PUK. On the other hand, GraPARI Virtual also allows customers to obtain service solutions, such as package subscriptions, credit purchases, bill payments, and POIN redemptions.

Today's customers with high mobility and digital lifestyles need a fast and precise solution to their service needs. The presence of GraPARI Virtual to the customer's grip is like giving customers 24 hours access to visit GraPARI Telkomsel.

In recent years, digital channels are the customer's primary choice to interact regarding products and services. Currently around two thirds of all customer interactions with Telkomsel are on digital channels.

The presence of GraPARI Virtual enriches the various digital customer touch Point alternatives that have been responsively serving various customer requests, including Twitter @telkomsel, Facebook @Telkomsel, Telkomsel Chat, as well as MyTelkomsel app and website.