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Battery Saving Tips When Streaming YouTube on Android

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Accessing entertainment services via smartphone is very exciting. One of the favorite services for smartphone users is streaming video on YouTube. Moreover if you have used 4G LTE network which provides super fast and stable access.

On YouTube, you can search for different types of interesting videos from around the world. Interestingly, you can get the latest music videos from international artists. There's always a new music cover of the creative musicians that you must see.

However, the problem caused by frequent access to YouTube streams is the draining of battery power or the battery gets run out faster. Because, when accessing YouTube then your smartphone screen will be in the state remains on and never goes out.

When you press the home button or switch to another application, the streaming activity will be disconnected. As a result, YouTube will stop or pause the video being played.

There is a surefire way that you can try to access the smartphone does not interfere with streaming video, ie by using help from third-party applications. Here are two applications you can use:

  1. Black Screen of Life
    With the help of Black Screen of Life (BSOL) app, you can still access streaming music on YouTube even though the smartphone screen goes off. Therefore, the Android screen is off will save the smartphone battery.

    First, you must download and install BSOL application on Android smartphone. Then change the application status from Disable to Enable. If it is active, then the BSOL mark will appear in the notification bar.

    How to use it is quite easy. So when you're streaming music on YouTube, close the proximity sensor section at the top of your smartphone by hand or paper. So automatically your smartphone screen will go out, but the music you play on YouTube keeps running.

    For information, proximity sensor is usually used to make the smartphone screen off when receiving phone calls. By closing the proximity sensor section then the screen will go off automatically.
  2. YouTube Music
    If closing the proximity sensor is too difficult to do, then you can try the YouTube Music app. With this app you can play music on YouTube without having to play the video. In fact, you can play music from the cover on YouTube in minimize mode, like the music player application in general.

    How to use this application is easy. You just set some of the features available, so you can listen to music without having to play the video.

    Those are two ways to keep your Android smartphone battery savings while streaming on YouTube. Good luck.