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5 Best Ticket Booking Application on Android

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Traveling or traveling will be very easy if you have booked transportation tickets or lodging tickets since the day away. Because you never know when tickets will run out, and hunting tickets can be a difficult thing for you who do not have free time.

For Android device users, you can book travel and lodging tickets the easy way, through apps available on the Google Play Store. There are several applications that you can try, see the following:

1. Ticket

This ticket booking application has a fairly complete feature, because it provides many transportation options that you need in one application. The Ticket app provides a selection of airline tickets, trains and car rentals, to lodging bookings. This app also offers a variety of interesting promos so you can travel at a more affordable price.

2. Traveloka

This one application is quite popular. So far, Traveloka is known to provide hotel and flight booking services. By using this application, you have the opportunity to get promotion of lodging tickets and flights at a low price. So the cost of traveling with the family can be more efficient. In addition, Treveloka has also worked with various airline networks and also lodging.

3. Agoda

This application provides a wide selection of hotels from various countries, and already has 16 million customers worldwide. If you're looking for affordable lodging, then Agoda app can be yours. In addition to having a spacious lodging network, you can also see various types of rooms available in this application. So you can choose the appropriate preparation option to rest.

4. Booking

This application will facilitate you when looking for lodging to the location you want to go. In addition, the Booking app has various features that can help you find the right lodging. So you can find well-rated inns, from 2 star to 5 star. The map feature is also available in the Booking app, making it easier for you to find the desired lodging location.

5. Google Flight

Google Flight is a new app developed by Google. This application will summarize the various ticket prices from various airlines in the world, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. These features can make it easy for you to check cheap airline tickets from airlines and destinations around the world.

By using the five applications above, then the affairs of booking airline tickets and lodging will be easier. Because, you need not trouble to hunt for tickets to various locations penjulan ticket.