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4G LTE Covers Karimunjawa

4G LTE Covers Karimunjawa

4G LTE Covers Karimunjawa

The development of Telkomsel’s 4G LTE services continues to be aggressive to various regions of Indonesia. In an effort to provide customers with the best mobile broadband experience and complete digital lifestyle services and to support tourism development in Indonesia, 4G LTE service is now available in Karimunjawa Islands.

The presence of three BTS in strategic locations in Karimunjawa is expected to be able to serve the communication needs of about 9,000 citizens and tourists who need broadband speed access. The quality and capacity of the network has been continuously improved since the telecommunications infrastructure was present in the region in 2009.

BTS in Karimunjawa implements radio transmission technology equipped with power supply technology using solar panel system. The 4G LTE service in Karimunjawa operates at 1,800 MHz frequency, using 10 MHz bands, which speed can reach 75 Mbps, thereby increasing customer satisfaction in using fast and stable mobile broadband services. The implementation of this technology enables customers to enjoy data, voice, SMS services whenever and wherever.

The need of the society for telecommunication is now a major requirement. The presence of 4G LTE inKarimunjawa makes the community can enjoy the service with the same quality standards with otherregions in Indonesia. The service is expected to contribute to growth in various sectors in Karimunjawa.

The best customer experience continues to be maintained with the greatest community support and a variety of quality content and applications. We also cooperate with mitra outlets in Karimun so that the customers and society can easily get the products every day.