Let's join Telkomsel POIN Teka Teki Salah!

You can use your Telkomsel POIN to get a voucher code to join Teka Teki Salah on our LINE official account @telkomsel_poin. Win Rp200.000 Telkomsel credit each for 3 winners in every session!


How to join the program

  1. Type TTES and send it to 777 to get the voucher code.
  2. You can redeem the voucher for times to get the opportunity to answer the question.
  3. 1 Voucher code only can be used to answer the question on LINE official account for one time.
  4. Open @telkomsel_poin on LINE and tap the picture of “KEYBOARD” left below.
  5. Type the voucher code that you have. 
  6. Type the correct answer and send it.
  7. Wait for the announcement from TELKOMSEL!

Who will be the winner?

  1. The first 3 persons who answer the question correctly will be the winners.
  2. The list of winners will be announced on our LINE official account @telkomsel_poin or you can visit this link.
  3. Winners will be contacted by TELKOMSEL officers and it will be FREE of charge.

Mark your calendar!

Session 1 1 April – 7 April 2018
Session 2 8 April – 14 April 2018
Session 3 15 April – 21 April 2018
Session 4 22 April – 28 April 2018
  • FAQ

What is Telkomsel POIN Teka Teki Salah?

Teka Teki Salah is a Loyalty Program. You can redeem your Telkomsel POIN to get a voucher code to participate in Telkomsel POIN Teka Teki Salah Event and answer the riddle at official LINE account @telkomsel_poin. This event will only be available for Sumatera Area costumers.

How many Telkomsel POIN that I need to participate in this event?

You need at least 10 Telkomsel POIN to participate in this program.

When will the event start?

This event will start on 1st April 2018 until 28th April 2018.

Is it available for NATION wide coverage customers?

No, it is not available for NATION wide coverage customers.

How many times I may answer the riddle for every voucher that i got from 777?

Once. You need to redeem your Telkomsel POIN again at 777 everytime you want to answer the riddle.

How is the process to earning voucher code and bidding at LINE?

  • You will get SMS from 777 or you may ADD our LINE account @telkomsel_poin, or click
  • Send POIN redemption text messages to 777 and 10 Telkomsel POIN will be cut off for 1 voucher code that can be used to answer the riddle at LINE account @telkomsel_poin.
  • Open LINE account @telkomsel_poin then click “KEYBOARD” symbol on the left below.
    a. Type the voucher code from 777 Telkomsel POIN redemption before
        Example: kode TTES080808.
    b. Type the correct answer for the riddle and send it.
    c. The answer may be done once for every single voucher code that has been redeemed from 777 and verified in the LINE account of @telkomsel_poin.

Is there any limitation for Telkomsel POIN redemption to have the voucher code?

No, there is no limitation to redeem your Telkomsel POIN as long as you have it.