About BTSARMI Program

01 June - 31 August 2022

Pay your Telkomsel Halo bills on time and redeem Telkomsel Poin as many times as possible to win a prize, special for Halo customers who live in Sumatra area.




You can win one of these prizes:

  • 1 unit of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Halo bill deposit worth Rp500,000 for 9 winners
  • Halo bill deposit worth Rp250,000 for 15 winners
Telkomsel Poin

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How to join
How to join
  1. Make sure you’re a Telkomsel Halo (postpaid) customers who pay your Halo bills on time according to you billing cycle every month during the program period.
  2. Redeem 1 Telkomsel Poin by typing BTSARMI and send it to 777 via SMS. You can also redeem it via MyTelkomsel App.
  3. If you redeem your Telkomsel Poin but fail to make Halo bill payment on time, you can’t join this program.
  4. After successfully redeeming your Poin, you will receive an SMS notification from 777.
  5. You can redeem your Poin multiple times without any certain limitation.
  6. The winner is the customer who pay Halo bills on time every month and redeem the most Telkomsel Poin during the program period.
  7. This program applies for Halo customers in Sumatra.
  8. Poin that has been redeemed can’t be returned.
  9. This program doesn’t apply to Telkomsel employee, partners, dealers, and resellers.
  10. Other terms and conditions apply.
How to check your Telkomsel Poin
How to check your Telkomsel Poin
  1. Check via SMS: Type and send POIN to 777.
  2. Check via UMB: *700#.
  3. Check via MyTelkomsel App on your dashboard menu.

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