Paket Darurat SMS Banking

SMS banking on low credit balance

No worries, our SMS Banking loan package supports your daily financial activities even when you have an insufficient credit balance.

Details of Paket Darurat SMS Banking
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Tariff Limit Validity Period
Rp1,000/SMS banking Max. 5 SMS banking/day 30 days

Activation and Payment

How to activate
How to activate
  1. You must be a Telkomsel PraBayar (prepaid) customer who meets the criteria of this service.
  2. You must have insufficient credit balance.
  3. You will get an offer to activate “Paket Darurat SMS Bankin”g via SMS.
  4. Confirm by sending REG to 5050 (tariff Rp0).
  5. SMS Banking service will be active for 30 days.
  6. During 30 days, you will receive SMS Banking even if your credit balance is insufficient.
  7. You can get up to 5 SMS Banking/day.
  8. After 30 days, Paket Darurat SMS Banking will be deactivated (non-auto renewal).

Payment can be made by automatically deducting your credit balance when:

  • You top-up your credit balance.
  • You get a credit balance transfer.
  • Or you can make manual payment via *505#.

Note: Payment can be made for whole loan or in partition. 

How to deactivate
How to deactivate

You can stop Paket Darurat SMS Banking service before 30 days by sending UNREG, OFF, STOP, BERHENTI to 5050.

Additional Information