25 Years, Telkomsel #TerusBergerakMaju with Indonesia

Telkomsel’s anniversary this year is even more meaningful because it happens almost at the same time with the holy moment of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. In this special moment, Telkomsel wants to strengthen our existence where we always walk together and create real change in every life phase of Indonesian people by providing services with all of our network infrastructure assets, empowering people with our digital products and services, creating strong collaborations, and making real social impact through technology.

Consistently Providing Services

Our love for our country has become Telkomsel’s motivation to provide the best services with all of our network and technology infrastructure assets that turn challenges into opportunities for all Indonesian people.

Since being established 25 years ago, Telkomsel has always been the first in implementing the most advanced telecommunication technology—starting from 2G-based GSM technology as the early foundation of telecommunication industry development in Indonesia, mobile broadband technology with 3G and 4G LTE as the next step of telecommunication access in the new digital lifestyle, until the first 5G technology trial in Indonesia that will be implemented as the main capital in building Indonesia into a digital nation.

Until now, Telkomsel has served more than 170 million customers with more than 209,000 BTS network infrastructure, covering more than 95% of Indonesian population to the deepest area, the foremost island, and the border territory of the country.

Empowering People

Telkomsel keeps moving forward not only in providing connectivity, but also providing services that strengthen our socio-culture in adapting and adopting “the new way of doing things”, in order to be ready for “the new normal” in every life phase of Indonesian people.

With our most advanced network infrastructure, Telkomsel keeps moving forward by developing various digital services to accelerate the digital ecosystem that empowers people.

In the consumer market segment, Telkomsel has provided customer-centric digital services such as MAXstream, Dunia Games, Langit Musik, and LinkAja to help customers fulfil their digital needs with more convenience, as well as shaping a digital society that has the ability to adapt with the changing era.

Telkomsel has also prioritized the digital service development for corporate segment through Enterprise solutions that provide more complete services that are more relevant with the latest needs of business owners today. We also provide internet of things-based digital solutions to accelerate modernization and cross-industry digitalization from corporation, Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), as well as Government Institution, with a commitment to increase our nation’s competitiveness in facing Industry Revolution 4.0. Telkomsel also has Digital Advertising service supported by Telkomsel Big Data business analysis.

Strong Collaboration

Telkomsel believes that we cannot walk alone. Collaboration and synergy have become significant foundations for Telkomsel in building inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem that can promote technology utilization in various sectors of life all across the country.

Collaboration intensification has been done with all segments of people—from some government institutions, non-governmental organizations, to all kinds of industry practitioners.

To celebrate Telkomsel’s 25th anniversary that happens while this country is fighting COVID-19 pandemic, through #DiRumahTerusMaju movement, Telkomsel has synergized all assets in Telkomsel’s digital ecosystem and optimized them by collaborating with some Indonesian Ministries, COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, Central Government, Regional Government, The People's Consultative Assembly, Indonesian Red Cross Society, and various industry practitioners of e-learning, e-health, e-commerce, e-donation, and e-entertainment.

Telkomsel will keep on nurturing the spirit of collaboration to be stronger than before, because a growing collective effort will generate bigger positive impact in creating real changes for all elements of nation in Indonesia.  

Bring Real Changes

Every element of the nation has an important role in creating real changes for this country. Telkomsel is committed to become a society enabler, not only by providing the network and digital solutions, but also by promoting technology utilization through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that can handle the most challenging economy and social problems, in order to help all Indonesian people to optimize their potentials.

Telkomsel has developed four pillars of CSR program dedicated to give real social impact in the society. They are Education, Digital Citizenship, People Empowerment, and Philanthropy.

Furthermore, Telkomsel has done more in philanthropy actions during COVID-19 crisis by ensuring that community needs are met. We have made actions by providing medical equipments for medical workers, also health and communications equipments for government institutions and organizations in various regions. During Ramadan 1441 H, Telkomsel also distributed donations for the orphans, the underprivileged people, and informal workers who have been affected negatively by COVID-19.

The Meaning of Telkomsel 25th Anniversary in the Midst of Pandemic

Telkomsel’s anniversary in 2020 is a very meaningful and humbling experience. Other than having to eliminate the lively party and celebration, Telkomsel’s anniversary this year also happens almost at the same time with the holy moment of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. It also happens when the nation is facing the pandemic challenge.

This situation has given us an opportunity to realize the meaning of our company’s existence in the middle of our people, where Telkomsel has been tested in giving assurance and keeping people connected, innovating to provide solutions to help people adapt, and at the same time turning challenges into opportunities for the future.

Telkomsel has also realized that the reasons our company has been growing for 25 years are none other than our customers, partners, and Indonesian people who are also growing with us. Telkomsel will always remember this meaning as our most important part while keep going to continue the story of our journey in the future.

Telkomsel is Ready to Keep Moving Forward with Indonesia! #TerusBergerakMaju

#TerusBergerakMaju with Indonesia