Stay Connected at Home with CloudX Subscription Plan

Stay productive at home with CloudX Subscription Packages! Stay connected with your family, friends, coworkers, and community through video conferences or virtual classrooms.

CloudX Subscription Benefits

CloudX Package Details

Price Rp250,000
*Including tax (for prepaid & postpaid)
Validity 30 days (you can buy it once during one period)
CloudX Host Account You will get access to become a meeting host on CloudX application with the following conditions:
  • Can be used for 24 hours/7 days during the validity period.
  • Can accommodate up to 100 meeting participants.
CloudX Quota 30GB for CloudX application only


  1. Only the number who purchases CloudX Subscription Packages can become a meeting host.
  2. CloudX Subscription Package is only available through MyTelkomsel App.
  3. CloudX Subscription Package can be used immediately after purchasing.
  4. After the expiration date, the Cloudx Host Account can no longer be used.
  5. The CloudX application can be downloaded via Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).
  6. After receiving a successful package activation notification, you can change your password via UMB *363*222#.

Frequently Asked Question