Telkomsel's Response Regarding COVID-19 #TerusBergerakMaju

Telkomsel continues to monitor the development of the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telkomsel remains committed to always providing quality services to ensure the comfort of communicating customers.

Service Guarantee

Telkomsel is committed to ensuring that all Telkomsel services remain available in the best quality.

In collaboration with many parties from all kinds of daily life aspects, Telkomsel provides various services that can be used while running activities at home:

e-Learning (#DiRumahTerusBelajar)

Telkomsel has joined hands with online learning platforms and universities across Indonesia to enable students to keep studying, while also creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn more about digital technology for their business enhancement.

e-Donation (#DiRumahTerusBerbagi)

Telkomsel is collaborating with crowdfunding platforms and encourage our customers to spread kindness by donating, simply through Telkomsel POIN redemption.

e-Productivity (#DiRumahTerusProduktif)

Telkomsel provides support to optimze remote working with solutions that strengthen collaborations and enhance productivity such as CloudX and Conference Apps Package. 

Entertainment (#DiRumahTerusTerhibur)

Telkomsel has special offers for customers to stay entertained and have fun everyday with high quality video, game, and music contents.

e-Health (#DiRumahTerusSehat)

Telkomsel is collaborating with healthcare platforms in order to facilitate customers who are looking for online healthcare access to stay healthy.

Social Media (#DiRumahTerusUpdate)

Kuota Ketengan makes it convenient for customers to access their favorite social media without draining their main package quota, letting them stay updated with the latest information and share useful contents to other people.

e-Commerce (#DiRumahTerusTerpenuhi)

Telkomsel collaborates with several favorite e-commerce sites to meet various customer needs, such as Telkomsel products and vouchers on MyTelkomsel App.

Affordable Package (#DiRumahTerusTerhubung)

Customers can enjoy a variety of affordable data packages so they can stay connected with their family and relatives, such as Kuota Keluarga, Combo Sakti, Halo Voice Unlimited, and Ekstra Kuota kartuHalo.

Network Readiness Guarantee

Telkomsel has anticipated a surge in service traffic due to the high potential use of data services by the public in a number of areas as a result of the implementation of work and study policies from home by a number of companies and schools. Network readiness is mainly focused on residential areas and COVID-19 countermeasure posts, such as hospitals and government offices.

Right now, Telkomsel has secured the network traffic by preparing extra capacity to anticipate a spike in communication traffic, especially the traffic for digital and data-based services. We have maximized the function of all of our big spectrums, such as frequency 900, 1800, 2100, and 2300 Mhz.

Telkomsel also gives full support to the government through Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and also Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing that have prepared three locations to establish Emergency Hospitals for COVID-19 patients, which are Patra Comfort Hotel Jakarta, Pertamina Jaya Hospital Jakarta, and Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Jakarta. In order to provide convenience in communication for all medical workers and the patients, Telkomsel has strengthened our network infrastructure, especially for broadband-based service access at those aforementioned locations. The same support has been given to special emergency hospitals in Galang Island Batam City and Riau Islands, at the area previously known as Vietnam Camp.

Previously, Telkomsel had also supported the network in Natuna, Riau Islands and Sebaru Island, Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta during the observation process of Indonesian citizens who have just returned from Wuhan (China) and Japan.

Since the public and industry have started carrying out activities from home, Telkomsel has recorded a surge in communication traffic, especially broadband service reaching 16%. The increase in traffic was triggered by the increase in usage volume and the number of users of the following applications:

  • E-learning app users increased by more than 5404%.
  • Conference meeting app users (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and CloudX Telkomsel) increased more than 443%, where the number of companies using the Telkomsel CloudX App has grown by 2100% since it was first launched in January 2020.
  • Instant messaging communication services (Whatsapp, Line, and Telegram) increased by 40%.
  • Online games service traffic increased by 34%, which Dunia Games active users increased by 56% over the same period in the previous month.
  • Video streaming entertainment services, such as via Youtube and MAXstream, increased by 17%, where MAXstream service users increased by 18% compared to the previous month.

Product Availability Guarantee

Telkomsel has coordinated with all strategic partners including distributors, resellers, merchants, and modern channel partners (banking and e-commerce) to ensure the availability of Telkomsel products and services.

Customer Service Center Guarantee

Customer visiting service centers such as GraPARI continue to operate normally according to the operational hours of each region. Telkomsel has set a limitation for 24-hour GraPARI’s operational hour, which now can be visited from 08:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Jakarta time) during Ramadan. Telkomsel urges customers to utilize digital/virtual service centers that remain available and operate normally through Call Center 188, virtual assistant services via MyTelkomsel App, website, LINE @Telkomsel, Facebook Messenger 'Telkomsel', Telegram @Telkomsel_official_bot, Twitter @Telkomsel, email, and MyGrapari automated service at several GraPARI locations to make a transaction, product activation, or other Telkomsel services.

All GraPARI have carried out the standard procedures required to check the customer's health condition. As anticipation to ensure the health and safety of all service personnel and customers, Telkomsel officers will conduct a body temperature check on each customer before entering GraPARI. Telkomsel also provides hand sanitizers, liquid soap, and masks for customers who need them.

H&S Assurance for Telkomsel Employees

Since early January 2020, Telkomsel has conducted intensive outreach to all employees regarding the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 and issued a number of internal policies, including the provision of health facilities, spraying disinfectants in the workspace, and verification equipment, guest visit procedures, and employee duty policy. Furthermore, Telkomsel has also issued a policy for all employees to work from home from March 17th, 2020 until a time that is continually evaluated and extended periodically. This policy is enforced while ensuring that services for customers are maintained in accordance with applicable standard procedures.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one form of synergy in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Telkomsel has collaborated with the DKI Jakarta Health Department by presenting a CloudX Contact Line device that will be utilized for convenience as well as supporting communication needs (call center) at the information center of the COVID-19 response post in DKI Jakarta area. Similar support is also given to the Batam City Government to assist in handling the COVID-19 pandemic at Corona Special Hospital located on Galang Island, in the former Vietnam Camp. This cloud technology-based service solution is expected to facilitate the coordination of officers and streamline the process of disseminating information related to the anticipation and handling of COVID-19. Synergy and collaboration will continue to be enhanced, in line with the need for Telkomsel's active role as a leading provider of digital telecommunications services.

Through “MPR RI Peduli Lawan COVID-19” donation program, Telkomsel and People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat Republik Indonesia/MPR RI), Agency for Pancasila Ideology Education (Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila/BPIP), Gojek, and Kitabisa have made donations for drivers, Small & Medium Enterprises, and other partners in Gojek’s ecosystem who experienced the negative impacts of the pandemic. The donation will be distributed in a form of credit balance voucher to cut their daily expenses, as telecommunication service is one of their primary needs for work.

In order to make sure customers receive the latest official information related to COVID-19 in Indonesia, Telkomsel offers free internet quota to access three official websites for COVID-19 information, namely,, and Telkomsel assists the government and the COVID-19 Task Force, in providing SMS broadcast services for the dissemination of the latest information relating to appeals and education in order to increase public knowledge and awareness in deciding the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia. Telkomsel has also been proactively helping the government in socializing and communicating awareness about COVID-19 and health education through our information and communication media.

#DiRumahTerusMaju with Telkomsel Siaga

During this holy month, we are committed to help realizing all dreams from home by providing the best service choices supported by the best quality of widest network.