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T-CASH Expands Commitment to SME and Modern Market

T-CASH dan JAKmikro Digitalisasi UMKM & Sistem Pembayaran Pasar Rakyat Jakarta

Jakarta, 19th December 2017 – T-CASH and JAKmikro modernized payment method for SMEs by increasing their digital and financial literacy, as well as using QR Code Snap from T-CASH in the modern market. This program is implemented to bring the experience of transactions in the digital era that is easy, fast, convenient, and safe, for the traders and their customers.

The cooperation program of T-CASH, JAKmikro, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), the government of DKI Jakarta and PD Pasar Jaya will target SMEs, including traders in the people's market, which still rely on cash transactions and do not have electronic transaction terminals. As a first step, the program will be launched in Mayestik Modern Market, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta with a target of 50 traders during soft launching.

These traders will also be equipped with knowledge of ease and security as well as ongoing guidance and coaching, not only on the implementation and benefits of digital transactions for them, but also to increase digital literacy and financial literacy to develop SMEs businesses. For T-CASH customers, this program will give a convenience – as they do not need to bring cash or wallet. They can also benefit a cashback.

Ririek Adriansyah, President Director of Telkomsel said, "This strategic collaboration is  living proof of our vision to advance a less-cash society in Indonesia. The Go-Digital Markets program is the first step to build an integrated digital financial ecosystem for the entire community without exception, using quality and user-friendly digital services.”

Debbie Sianturi, Director of PT Mikrobisnis Digital Sejahtera (JAKmikro) also added, "JAKmikro is committed to empowering the people's economy through digitalization of SMEs, where we educate SME players in improving their business skills and competitiveness, using digital technology, especially to keep pace with the latest technological developments. This Go-Digital Markets program is a first step towards achieving our goal, which is also in line with the government's financial inclusiveness target.”

The Digitization of Payments for Modern Markets in Jakarta

Meanwhile, President Director of PD Pasar Jaya, Arief Nasrudin said, "The vision of PD Pasar Jaya is to make traditional and modern markets as the main factor driving the local economy. With the latest technological developments, we recognize the importance of education and mentoring sessions for all traders in these markets to increase their knowledge of current technology trends. We are optimistic that this program can be accepted by the merchants, as well as helping them to respond to customer needs more comfortably and quickly.”

Traders who have made digital transactions using T-CASH can receive payment funds directly to their bank accounts. For traders who do not have bank accounts, T-CASH also prepares other channels of disbursement, such as through local cooperatives and Bang T-CASH agents around Mayestik Market. In addition to the ease of withdrawals, T-CASH is committed to helping merchants to increase sales and grow their business through various initiatives and promotions, such as cashback promo for customers using this digital transaction method.

This cooperation is a manifestation of the commitment of all parties involved to support the government in realizing the target of President Joko Widodo in accelerating the level of financial inclusion to reach 75% by the end of 2019. Not only that, the program is in line with the Indonesian government's focus on realizing the Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT) to raise awareness of the use of non-cash payment instruments.

Anies Baswedan, Governor of DKI Jakarta stated, "One of the focus of DKI Jakarta government is the guidance and facilitation of entrepreneurship, especially by utilizing technological progress, which we hope can support the achievement of the target of 200,000 entrepreneurs in Jakarta. Surely this vision must be supported not only by governments, but also communities and industry players. Therefore, we appreciate the steps of T-CASH, JAKmikro and PD Pasar Jaya introducing this program, to educate traders in modern markets to transact digitally and enhance their competitiveness.”

Prior to the implementation of this program, T-CASH has also successfully held similar initiatives in Bintaro Modern Market since February 2017, which to date has been utilized by more than 40 traders.

The Digitization of Payments for Modern Markets in Jakarta

"With this program, we hope to consistently support the increasing competitiveness of traders in various modern markets in the Jakarta area, as well as other areas in the future. We believe this program can make a positive contribution to the progress of SME throughout Indonesia,” Ririek closed.