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Preserving the Sustainability of Our Planet

We are committed to upholding Earth's sustainability and have developed several initiatives as part of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Our corporate responsibility efforts are under the Telkomsel Jaga Bumi program, which includes Waste Management, Carbon Offset, and Electric Motor Bundling programs. These initiatives aim to reduce the impact of our business operations and create a brighter future for the environment and future generations.

Telkomsel's Commitment to Earth Sustainabilty



Telkomsel Jaga Bumi Initiative Programs


Waste Management

Plastic waste poses a significant challenge, particularly in urban settings. In response to this issue, we've collaborated with a local startup named Plustik. We aim to gather and recycle plastic waste derived from SIM card packaging and casings/shells. Through this initiative, we strive to minimize the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills by repurposing it into valuable new items.


Carbon Offset

Climate change is a result of the rising levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, primarily caused by human activities. In collaboration with the local startup Jejakin, we address this issue and encourage our customers to offset their carbon footprint actively. Through the donation of Telkomsel Poin rewards, they can participate in mangrove reforestation efforts aimed at reducing CO2 levels and fostering a positive environmental impact.


Electric Motorcycle Bundling

Collaborating with Volta, an electric motorcycle manufacturer in Indonesia, we are actively addressing nationwide carbon emissions through the Electric Motorcycle Bundling program. By integrating Telkomsel's data quota package with Volta's electric motorcycles, we aim to encourage the adoption of sustainable transportation choices that offer additional benefits to the community.

We're here to support you in making a difference!

Your carbon footprint encompasses the emissions generated by your daily activities, which affect the environment and climate. Planting or adopting trees is a highly effective way to offset your carbon emissions. Start by assessing your carbon footprint using our platform and redeem Telkomsel Poin for mangrove trees.

Contribute your Telkomsel Poin for tree planting:
  1. To calculate your daily carbon footprint, visit the Telkomsel Jaga Bumi section within the MyTelkomsel App.
  2. Then, redeem your Telkomsel Poin as follows:
    • Redeem 50 Telkomsel Poin (equivalent to 0.1 tree/2.93 kgCO2e)
    • Redeem 500 Telkomsel Poin (equivalent to 1 tree/29.3 kgCO2e
  3. Alternatively, you can redeem Telkomsel Poin via SMS:
    • Type Jagabumi5 to 777 to redeem 50 Telkomsel Poin (equivalent to 0.1 tree/2.93 kgCO2e)
    • Type Jagabumi50 to 777 to redeem 500 Telkomsel Poin (equivalent to 1 tree/29.3 kgCO2e)
  4. Upon Poin redemption, you'll receive an SMS with a link to access the plantation report detailing your contribution
  5. Expect periodic email updates on the status of the trees planted.