Development Opportunities

Having the best talents is one of the reasons Telkomsel has incredibly grown. In this place, we offer a great opportunity to let our talents keep growing and become ready to answer the challenges in the ever dynamic society.

Telkomsel Development Program

Data Science Academy

As the leading digital telco company, we maximize the role of data to help achieving an effective decision-making process. Through Data Science Academy program, we attempt to develop our internal talents to become even more skillful in adopting data science.

Data Science Academy will be held for 6 months with activities such as bootcamp, full-stack development, intensive coaching, and hands-on-projects. The participants who graduate from this program will receive a certificate and be stated as Data Scientist Experts.


UX Academy

Technology is present to facilitate and improve our life to be better. Many problems can be solved through an effective product innovation that can fuifill the customer's need.

With this belief, we put together the UX Academy program to train the capacity of our human resources in elevating the user experience through product design. We provide an opportunity for our internal talents who want to improve their competency related to UX Research and UI/UX Design.

This training program is designed in an integrated and sustainable manner through interactive activities for 6 months, such as bootcamp, full-stack development, intensive coaching, and hands-on projects. At the end of the program, the participants have the chance to join special certification to be UX Researcher, UX Designer, or UI Designer Expert.


TED (Transformational Expert Development) Fest

TED (Transformational Expert Development) Fest

TED Fest is a conference, seminar, and sharing session prepared to sharpen the knowledge of our talents so they will be ready to face all kinds of challenge in the future. TED Fest invites many inspirational speakers with various experience backgrounds to discuss about the development of digital ecosystem in Indonesia. This program is also open for students and local communities from various backgrounds.



Innovation has become the identity in the journey of Telkomsel's product and service development. That's why, we facilitate our employees to generate new ideas and innovations through Inno[X]tion (read as: Inno-Action).

Inno[X]tion is the place for Telkomsel's innovators to develop new ideas and solutions. Through this program, we look for the best innovations with the big potention to greatly present the benefit of technology to Indonesian people.