Upgrade to 4G with Telkomsel x Kredivo Bundling

Upgrade your SIM card and smartphone to 4G now with Telkomsel x Kredivo bundling! You can enjoy Rp150,000 discount for smartphone, cashback, additional discount, and Kredivo installment without a down payment.

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Program Period

Telkomsel x Kredivo Bundling program is valid from April 20th to August 5th, 2020.

Get the Benefits!

  1. Rp150,000 Smartphone Discount
    • Smartphone discount worth Rp150,000 applies to Samsung smartphones.
    • This promo is only valid for 1,000 first buyers with a minimum purchase of Rp1,000,000.
    • This promo cannot be combined with OVO Point 3% cashback.
    How to get the discount:
    • The selected customers will get an offer via SMS with a promo code in it.
    • Access Telkomsel Official Store at Tokopedia via this link.
    • Choose the smartphone you want.
    • Input the promo code while completing your payment.
  2. 3 or 6-month installment without a down payment and administration fee with Kredivo.
  3. Extra 3% discount from the smartphone price, applies to Samsung smartphones.
  4. OVO Points 3% Cashback
    • The promo code will be available when you purchase the smartphone via Tokopedia.
    • OVO Points 3% cashback from the smartphone price applies to Oppo, VIVO, and Realme smartphones.
  5. Free delivery fee applies in accordance with Tokopedia’s terms and conditions.
  • You get an offer via SMS or access via website.
  • Download Kredivo app and apply for a credit.
  • Kredivo will accept your credit application in 1 minute.
  • Buy your smartphone at Telkomsel Official Store on Tokopedia.
  • Choose Kredivo as your payment method.
  • Choose the instalment scheme and confirm it.
  • Your purchase has been successful!
  • TAU LITE6 Bundling package will be available for selected customers who are registered for this program. Please check the following details:
Price Rp10/month after credit balance top-up minimum Rp50,000/month
Package Detail Internet Voice & SMS
  • 1GB All network
  • 1GB 4G
  • 1GB Instagram
  • 1GB Facebook
  • 1GB MAXstream
  • 1GB GamesMAX
  • 100 minutes to fellow Telkomsel number
  • 500 SMS to fellow Telkomsel number
Validity Period 30 days
Activation *363*88#
Whitelist Check *363*808#
  1. TAU LITE6 package can be activated by selected Telkomsel customers who have purchased a smartphone via Tokopedia.
  2. Insert your existing SIM card to the new smartphone.
  3. Access UMB *363*808# to check if your number is eligible to activate the bundling package.
  4. Choose “1. Cek Nomor”.
  5. You will receive the following SMS if your number is eligible:
    “Anda berhak mendapatkan paket TAU Lite6 6GB, 100 mnt nelpon, 500SMS sesama TSEL hanya Rp10 (30hari). Upgrade handset Anda ke 4G & isi pulsa minimal Rp50rb skrg”
  6. Access UMB *363*88# using the new smartphone to activate the package.
  7. Choose “1. Beli”.
  8. You will receive the following notification SMS:
         “Anda telah terdaftar untuk paket TAU Lite6. Pastikan Anda melakukan isi pulsa hingga Rp50ribu untuk mendapatkan paket TAU Lite6 6GB,100 mnt nelpon,500 SMS ke sesama Telkomsel selama 30 hari hanya Rp10.”
  9. You will also receive a reminder SMS juga akan mendapatkan SMS pengingat untuk melakukan isi ulang pulsa hingga Rp50.000:
         “Pastikan Anda isi ulang pulsa hingga Rp50rb/bulan untuk tetap mendapatkan Paket TAU Lite6 6GB, 100 mnt nelpon, 500 SMS ke sesama Telkomsel 30 hari hanya Rp10.”
  10. Top up your credit balance up to Rp50,000.
  11. After your credit balance has reached Rp50,000, you will automatically get TAU LITE6 package.

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  • Terms & Conditions

Promo Terms & Conditions:
  • This promo is only valid for smartphone purchases available through the Tokopedia link on this page.
  • This promo is only valid for selected Telkomsel customers.
  • This promo cannot be combined with other promotions in Tokopedia.
  • This promo is valid during the promo period and is subject to availability.
Package Terms & Conditions:
  • TAU LITE6 package is valid for 30 days and will be automatically renewed for 12 months.
  • Quota, voice, and SMS bonus will be given after customers top-up their credit balance up to Rp50,000 every month for 12 months.
  • TAU LITE6 PACKAGE’s price is Rp10.
  • The validity period of TAU LITE6 will start after your top-up transactions reach Rp50,000.
  • During actively using TAU LITE6, you cannot use the Transfer Pulsa feature. It will be reactivated after the validity period of the package (12 months) ended.
  • All Network quota can be used on all across Indonesia on 2G/3G/4G network without any time limit.
  • 4G quota can only be used on a 4G network using a 4G smartphone.
  • Instagram quota can only be used for Instagram on a 2G/3G/4G network without any time limit.
  • Facebook quota can only be used for Facebook on a 2G/3G/4G network without any time limit.
  • MAXstream quota can be used to access MAXstream, VIU, Nickelodeon Play, HBO GO.
  • GamesMAX quota can be used to access Clash of Clans, Crisis Action, LINE Let’s Get Rich, Vainglory, Seven Knight.
  • The data bonus is volume-based, if you run out of quota before renewal, you will be charged Rp100/20KB.
  • Internet quota, voice, and SMS bonus are valid for 30 days.
  • Internet quota, voice, and SMS quota cannot be accumulated on the next month.