Telkomsel | 04 December 2017

Welcoming Christmas, Telkomsel Shares Joy and Happiness with 5,000 Children in 4 Cities

Madiun, 04 December 2017Welcoming Christmas this year, Telkomsel holds a series of social activities with the theme "Time to Share and Serve" in four cities, namely Madiun, East Java (December 4, 2017), Tomohon, North Sulawesi (December 7, 2017), Jakarta (December 11, 2017), and Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra (December 21, 2017). In the event, Telkomsel hands over the needs of children to 5,000 orphans through various foundations or orphanages and hands over donation for facilities and infrastructure to 40 foundations around Telkomsel's operational location.

Telkomsel’s Chif Executive Officer Ririek Adriansyah said, "As a company that cares about the people of Indonesia, Telkomsel always strives to bring benefits to the community, including welcoming the momentum of religious festivities that we hold regularly every year. We are happy to share the love and joy with the children in welcoming Christmas. This activity is a form of our gratitude for the achievement of the company and we hope it will benefit the orphans and the foundations that take care of them, as well as for the wider community. "

Furthermore Ririek added, this social activity is part of Telkomsel's commitment in conducting good corporate citizenship as a company that is part of the life of Indonesian society. "Along with the concerns of serving our customers and the telecommunications industry as our core business, we are continuously striving to give added values to the communities and environments that are always part of Telkomsel's progress," Ririek explained.

Welcoming Christmas, Telkomsel Shares Joy and Happiness with 5,000 Children in 4 Cities

In these social activities, Telkomsel's board of director and management go straight to hand over compensation to the community at Bethel Madiun Foundation, Nazaret Tomohon Orphanage, Putra Putra Jakarta Orphanage and Elim Pematang Siantar Orphanage. In addition to submitting social donation, Telkomsel's employees also stepped in to educate the communities to use Internet in responsible, safe, inspirational, and creative ways in four locations and perform devotion work to clean up orphanages with the community in 10 locations in Indonesia. Free medical check-ups are also conducted for people in four locations.

The moment of social activity is also utilized by Telkomsel's board of directors and management to ensure the readiness of Telkomsel's network and services. This activity is conducted to ensure the convenience of customers in communicating during the Christmas and New Year period, where there is usually a surge in traffic services compared to normal days.

Welcoming Christmas, Telkomsel Shares Joy and Happiness with 5,000 Children in 4 Cities

Telkomsel currently serves more than 190 million subscribers nationwide. Telkomsel's services are supported by more than 152,000 base transceiver stations (BTS), including more than 21,000 eNode B (BTS 4G) to provide convenience in using data services. To serve the needs of customers, Telkomsel deploys around 440 GraPARI customer service centers spread across Indonesia.

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