Telkomsel’s IoT Solutions Enable PMI’s Program “Respons Darurat Bencana COVID-19” | Telkomsel

Telkomsel’s IoT Solutions Enable PMI’s Program “Respons Darurat Bencana COVID-19”

Telkomsel Dukung Program “Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19” oleh PMI melalui Penyediaan Solusi IoT

  • Telkomsel enables IoT Solutions including FleetSight (fleet management solution), TOMS (operational activities management solution), and APM (asset management solution).
  • Telkomsel’s FleetSight and TOMS will manage PMI’s 30 operational vehicles and disinfectant-spraying activities in various areas.
  • Telkomsel’s APM will provide solution to monitor temperature of boxes with blood plasma during shipping from UDD PMI to hospitals in Jabodetabek.
  • “Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19” is an initiative introduced by PMI that has been running in 34 provinces across Indonesia since March 2020 until Septermber 2020



Jakarta, 12 May 2020The Indonesian Red Cross or known as Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) announced a collaboration with Telkomsel in carrying out a collective efforts to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia. In the “Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19” initiative introduced by PMI, Telkomsel has been trusted to provide IoT-based solutions including FleetSight, Telkomsel Order Management System (TOMS) dan Asset Performance Management (APM) that will be utilized to assist PMI to maintain physical distancing in managing PMI’s operational vehicles, disinfectant spraying, and  blood plasma temperature monitoring, in an effort to overcome COVID-19. The collaboration is a continuous effort from Telkomsel that keeps moving forward to play an active role to collaborate with all elements in the nation to control the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia through the implementation of technology.

Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19” is an initiative introduced by PMI to mitigate and prevent the spread of coronavirus and provide supports to healthcare facilities and healthcare workers. The program has been running across Indonesia since last March. PMI has scheduled the program to be implemented across 34 provinces in Indonesia until the next six months or until September 2020.

Telkomsel CEO Setyanto Hantoro says, “Telkomsel is delighted to collaborate with PMI to strengthen collective efforts across industries, and we are pleased to have PMI to entrust our IoT solutions to support PMI in overcoming COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This initiative is a testament that IoT technology can minimize human intervention when physical distance is crucial, and to ensure that operational activities remain uninterrupted. We are also very pleased that IoT solutions that we enable would not only has a real impact on business interests across industries, but also to support the successful implementation of disaster management as done by PMI in the Respons Darurat Bencana COVID-19 program."

Setyanto then adds, ”The collaboration between Telkomsel and PMI is in line with Telkomsel’s concern on the health and safety of Indonesian society. We are committed to keep moving forward with all elements across the nation in carrying out Telkomsel’s role as a digital telco company by enabling digital solutions to overcome COVID-19 pandemic.”

Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) General Secretary Sudirman Said says, “This partnership is a testament of the commitment and collaboration from a corporate to get involved and participate in efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology is very useful in helping communities and institutions as a measure to prevent coronavirus transmission. This technology would be able to help PMI especially in fleet and operational management.”

Telkomsel’s IoT Solutions Enable PMI’s Program “Respons Darurat Bencana COVID-19”

In Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19” program, Telkomsel is responsible to provide IoT FleetSight and TOMS to control and manage PMI’s fleet. Telkomsel will also provide APM solution to monitor temperature of boxes with blood plasma during shipment by truck from PMI’s blood donor unit (UDD PMI) to hospitals in Jabodetabek. Included in the solutions are providing required devices and license to use FleetSight, TOMS, and APM applications, as well as enabling connection to access these applications.

Telkomsel FleetSight is a fleet management solution that will be utilized to monitor 30 tank truck used in the program. In the implementation, this solution will provide information on route taken, operational hours, driver’s behavior, and truck’s speed as insights. Furthermore, FleetSight is also capable to merge this information with real-time alert system to help user aware of any violation within operation, such as vehicle’s overspeed, overtime, or any unfamiliar route taken by the driver.

Meanwhile TOMS is an operational activities management that will be utilized to monitor every PMI’s vehicle to spray disinfectant at certain areas and send a report of all activities back to the user. The solution will manage operation on end-to-end basis, from setting schedule for vehicles to report on its operation. This is possible as TOMS able to create plans for vehicles, finding the best routes, monitor workforce on a real-time basis, to provide dashboard integrated with user’s device that would help user to read operational report easily, anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, APM is asset management solution that will be utilized to monitor real-time temperature of boxes with blood plasma which are delivered by truck from UDD PMI to hospitals in Jabodetabek. Every box consists of blood plasma plastic which its temperature is needed to be minimum -20 degree Celcius. This solution will provide end-to-end solution with device provides information on real-time temperature and also location, also dashboard that will be able to be used anytime and anywhere with notification when the temperature is increasing so the quality of blood plasma plastic will be good at destination.

“This collaborative effort is expected to contribute to accelerate the Operasi Penanganan dan Pencegahan COVID-19 program to ensure that society across the country will receive benefits of this initiative. Telkomsel will also continue to collaborate with government, institution, and any element within Indonesian society to overcome COVID-19 pandemic and its impact in Indonesia”, Setyanto concluded.