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Telkomsel Unified Collaboration

Telkomsel Unified Collaboration

Jakarta, 10 May 2017 –  Along with the increasing need of business communication and collaboration, Telkomsel together with Cisco launched Telkomsel Unified Collaboration powered by Cisco Spark. Telkomsel Unified Collaboration service is an application-based business solution using IP (Internet Protocol) technology that can integrate various business communication needs within the company, to support the development and improve business productivity.

Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing Telkomsel, Arief Pradetya, said, "Businesses continue to grow in line with the changing times, where competition is getting faster and higher. In this digital era, information technology and communication support becomes crucial for the company to stay ahead. Our Unified Collaboration Telkomsel service is here to cater these needs and at the end will support business productivity. We work with Cisco as a worldwide leader in collaboration technologies featuring Cisco Spark's flagship product in Indonesia "

Arief further explained that there is currently a shift of trends in the use of communication devices from fixed-telephony devices to mobile-telephony. Telkomsel Unified Collaboration combines the functions of call & conference (voice and video), messaging (instant & group chat) and collaboration(file, desktop & virtual whiteboard) in one application, which will facilitate customers in secure and easy communication.

"Cisco Spark is a solution that collaborates various communication media including call, video, chat and meeting. This is an important element of smart digital office that helps improve productivity and cost effectiveness We chose Telkomsel as a partner in Indonesia because of the same vision and mission about technology development and digital world, which is very much in line with Cisco's slogan: there’s never been a better time to do something amazing", said Rama Agung, Director of Sales at Cisco Systems Indonesia.

Telkomsel Unified Collaboration

As part of Telkomsel MyBusiness service, Telkomsel Unified Collaboration is applicable to large corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in various business segments, such as manufacturing, transportation, trade, hospitality, communications, services, agriculture, construction, mining and energy .

In addition, Telkomsel Unified Collaboration also has other advantages, such as the simplicity because it is in one application, offered with pay as you grow system, and utilize a full cloud architecture so that companies can streamline device investment. This full service can be used across the data network (2G 3G 4G and Wi-Fi), using any device with consistent appearance, connected with Exchange Server, and has an open API. More than that this service is also safe (from the data side) to be used by its users.

Telkomsel MyBusiness

To target large companies/corporations, governments, and small and medium ent erprises (SMEs), Telkomsel offer Telkomsel MyBusiness solutions tailored to customer needs to help grow their business.

Telkomsel myBusiness provides a range of customized solutions tailored specifically to customer segments and needs. Solutions for Enterprise customers, government and Large Enterprise are: Enterprise Communication, such as MyGroup service (TeamPLAN), Enterprise Smart Connection, Smart Voice Communications, Push to Talk, Web2SMS. Other solutions are Enterprise Mobility, such as Mobile Broadband Solution (Telkomsel Flash, Data Secured Access), Device Bundling (Device Bundling, Mobile Device Management) & Collaboration Solution (Unified Communication, Mobile Conference Call). In addition MyBusiness also presents solutions in terms of Cloud Service, such as Business Connect and Sales Force Automation, as well as VAS Solutions, such as Top Up Corporate and NSP Corporate.

Telkomsel myBusiness also provides customized solutions to support SME customers' activities and help the development of SMEs in Indonesia to the global market.

"Telkomsel is a partner of digital solutions through various services offered by MyBusiness, which are expected to open new opportunities in customer business development, including digital transformation, which will ultimately improve business productivity," said Arief.

Arief further explained that with the support of Telkomsel's 4G LTE broadband network spread across nearly 500 district capitals in Indonesia, this will support customers to get the best experience when using Telkomsel services wherever they are. Telkomsel is continuing to expand and expand its network to various regions in Indonesia, of which a total of 137,000 BTS (Base Transceiver Station), 61% of which are broadband base stations.

In presenting MyBusiness services, Telkomsel partnered with several parties such as Samsung, Cisco, Google, Salesforce, Jarvis Store, MokaPOS, Trustmedis and Golden Hope Technology. Currently this service has been enjoyed by 2 million users across Indonesia, in various industries such as Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation, Trade, Hospitality, Financial Intermediary, Communication, Professional Services, Government, Agriculture, Welfare, Construction, and also Mining & Power .