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Telkomsel Introduces ROLi Application for Android

Telkomsel Introduces ROLi Application for Android

Jakarta, 19 September 2017 – To fulfill the customers’ needs of information related to goods and services needed in daily basis which suit with their interests, Telkomsel presents ROLi application. This Android based app that provide various interesting features to obtain information containing promotions and other interesting content, also provides the chance  to enjoy monthly additional data package for customers.

ROLi app implemented Opt-in concept, an approval mechanism  that will request permission from customers to accept info, advertising or other offers. This app also comes with Lock Screen feature, which enable customers to receive product and service info when the smartphone is in idle state, all of that will also match their interest categories, such as culinary, business, gadget, art, fashion, sport, football, health, entertainment, music, movies, automotive, and traveling

To enjoy the benefits of ROLi, customers only need to register their active Telkomsel number and fill in the required personal data, such as name, e-mail address, and date of birth. Customers who download ROLi in the Play Store and enable the Lock Screen feature on an ongoing basis can enjoy additional 300 MB monthly data package.

Vice President of Digital Advertising and Analytics Telkomsel, Harris Wijaya said, "As a platform, ROLi provides added value and many advantages for customers and brands. While the customers can get promotions that match their interests and get additional data plan, SMS, voice, and many other benefits, the brands, can use ROLi as a tool in reaching new markets and consumers more effectively and efficiently. "

Telkomsel Hadirkan Aplikasi ROLi untuk Android


One of the advantages offered by ROLi is customization. With this feature, customers are able to manage promotional content and any information that would appear, whether on the lock screen feature or on other menu features available in the app. In addition, customers are also given the option to be able to display daily quotes, high-definition quality photos, and customer-owned photos on their device lock screen features.

Another advantage is the Coin feature, where customers can collect coins and exchange them with a variety of exciting prizes available in the app. Coins can be collected by customers by performing various activities in ROLi through its exciting features. In this initial phase, the prizes offered are the data, SMS, and voice package. In the future, a variety of more attractive prizes will be available.

In addition through Lock Screen, customers can also obtain information and other promotions from ROLi partners through the View Ads feature (Watch Ads). Meanwhile, in addition to the Customization and Coins feature, there are many other interesting features that make ROLi different from similar apps on the market, such as Surveys, Articles, ROLi News, Invite Friends and more.

ROLi can help various brands and advertisers to get more precise target segments and reach wider new markets and consumers through a more effective and efficient system supported with more than Telkomsel’s 178 million customers customers all over Indonesia

Telkomsel Hadirkan Aplikasi ROLi untuk Android

In addition to providing flexibility for customers to choose promo information based on interest in a more convenient way, the presence of ROLi also gives customers double benefit, that is promotion from ROLi and promotions from advertisers in cooperation with Telkomsel.