Telkomsel Holds The 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2 | Telkomsel

Telkomsel Holds The 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2

Telkomsel Holds The 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2

Jakarta, 23 August 2017 – Telkomsel challenges Indonesian filmmakers to produce short-quality international video in 'The 5-Min Video Challenge' competition for the second time. The two best video from domestic competition in Indonesia will be sent as Indonesian representatives to Singapore to compete with winners from other countries in regional competition.

The 5-Min Video Challenge is a regional video competition that begins in 2016 and is a collaboration of Singtel Group which are Singtel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand), Airtel ( India and Africa), Globe (Philippines), and Telkomsel (Indonesia). The competition is open to all filmmakers, both experienced in the film industry, as well as beginners and everyone who feel challenged in creating quality content that can steal public attention.

With 'Connecting Lives' theme, this competition challenges participants' creativity and thought to interpret the relationship between how we see the world and act everyday with events that bring us to important things in our lives. The 5-minute video can also answer questions about things that can separate or connect us to others.

Vice President of Brand and Communications of Telkomsel, Nirwan Lesmana said, "The 5-Min Video Challenge provides an opportunity for Indonesian filmmakers to prove their ability to the regional level. With the theme 'Connecting Lives', this challenge becomes a platform for anyone who believes that quality video content has power to unite people from different parts of the world. "

Nirwan later added that the competition also aims to provide an opportunity for Indonesian participants to make their work known to international audiences, to strengthen their skills as well as to develop their portfolio of works as well as to get the top prizes from Telkomsel and Singtel Group.

While the domestic competition jury, Joko Anwar, who is one of the best directors in Indonesia said, "The 5 Min Video Challenge is my opportunity to share knowledge in making movies to young generation as well as finding new talents."

Telkomsel Gelar ‘The 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2’

In domestic competition, the judges will select the 10 best video candidates. Of the 10 candidates, will be re-elected 5 favorite videos based on the most votes are each entitled to get Rp. 50 million, as well as 2 best videos of the choice of juries each entitled to get cash Rp. 150 million and Rp. 75 million. Both finalist teams will also represent Indonesia to confront the winners of other countries in the final of regional competitions held in Singapore.

All finalists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Gabon and Ghana will compete in the final round held in Singapore on 22 November 2017. At this stage will be announced 2 favorite regional videos with the most votes, and the winner based on the judging panel. The main winner of the regional competition will get USD 30 thousand and the second winner will get USD 15 thousand. While 2 favorite regional videos with the most votes will get USD 3 thousand and USD 2 thousand.

In this competition, a series of familiar names Indonesia film industry will participate as jury, namely Joko Anwar, Mouly Surya and Lucky Kuswandi. In addition there will be guest speakers who will participate in a series of workshops on various campuses to provide a more complete picture of this competition and share video making tips, such as Dimas Djayadiningrat, Fajar Nugros, Darius Sinathrya, Aghi Narottama, Cut Mini, Ilya Sigma , Salman Aristo, and Jenny Yusuf.

The 5-Min Video Challenge workshop itself will be held at various campuses in seven cities in Indonesia, namely Surabaya (August 21), Makassar (August 24), Bandung (August 29), Medan (30 August), Jakarta (4 and 18 September ), Bali (6 September), Yogyakarta (8 September).

Last year ROTASI video from Indonesia became the main winner of 'The 5-Min Video Challenge'. The video by Destian Rendra tells the story of a photographer who is trapped in a fighting routine with his best friend and lover, so he loses his belief in the term 'Rotated Earth', which means that we will not be in the same situation forever. But the journey experienced can change his perspective of the rotation of life.

In the second year of this competition, Telkomsel is determined to find the best talent in Indonesia to become the winner, as expressed by Nirwan, "This year we also carry a mission to defend the winner title by encouraging the best potential in Indonesia to showcase their ability in Video production and competing on an international level."

Telkomsel Gelar ‘The 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2’

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