Telkomsel Collaboration with Retailers Alfamart Presents IoT Managed Service Solution SD-WAN

Telkomsel Collaboration with Retailers Alfamart Presents IoT Managed Service Solution SD-WAN

  • In partnership with a convenience store retail chain company, Alfamart, Telkomsel IoT enables IoT Managed Service SD-WAN to allow Alfamart’s Wide Area Network (WAN) ecosystem to be connected with cloud and end-to-end automation.
  • The solution will be implemented in Alfamart stores both in big cities and rural areas.
  • IoT Managed Service SD-WAN enables Alfamart to run a more efficient and effective operation, as well as to securely improve the company’s business growth during the pandemic period and t he new normal era.


Jakarta, 26 June 2020 – Telkomsel announced a partnership with a convenience store retail chain company Alfamart (PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk.), as a manifestation of accelerating the transformation within the retail industry’s digital ecosystem in Indonesia comprehensively and sustainably. In this collaboration, Telkomsel enables an Internet of Things-based solution to transform Alfamart’s Wide Area Network (WAN) operation through IoT Managed Service Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution.

Telkomsel IoT Managed Service SD-WAN  enables Alfamart to improve its business performance while maintaining the operational cost during the pandemic and the new normal era, which is a proof that IoT implementation supports industries to adapt to changes while maintaining productivity securely and efficiently in any situation and conditions.

Setyanto Hantoro, CEO of Telkomsel stated, ”We are delighted to collaborate with Alfamart and truly appreciate the trust that has been given to Telkomsel’s innovative IoT-based solution for the enterprise. As the largest convenience store retail chain company in Indonesia, Alfamart has been part of the Indonesian society in fulfilling daily needs. Telkomsel, as the leading digital telco company, understands and wants to take part in Alfamart’s digital transformation journey by providing more value to society through the implementation of the latest and reliable digital technology to optimize the company’s operation. We also believe that this strategic initiative can accelerate the digitalization across sectors which will reinforce Indonesia’s commitment towards the Industry 4.0.”

Kolaborasi Telkomsel Bersama Peritel Alfamart Menghadirkan Solusi IoT Managed Service SD-WAN

Bambang Setyawan Djojo, International Business and Technology Director of Alfamart, said,  “In the last few years, Alfamart has been working on digital transformation in our more than fourteen thousands of outlets throughout Indonesia. This collaboration with Telkomsel strengthens our commitment to continue to expand digitalization in the company's operations in a sustainable manner while, at the same time, providing added value to customers in meeting various daily needs. We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit Alfamart but also have a positive impact on the retail industry in Indonesia for improving service quality and developing infrastructures that further increases efficiency and productivity.”

Telkomsel IoT  Managed Service SD-WAN  solution transforms Alfamart’s existing WAN infrastructure by connecting it to the cloud system, enabling its network operating system to be automated and integrated end-to-end. Furthermore, the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature allows Alfamart’s existing WAN hardware to be automatically configured into the new cloud-based ecosystem, minimizing technical issues from human error.

Kolaborasi Telkomsel Bersama Peritel Alfamart Menghadirkan Solusi IoT Managed Service SD-WAN

Telkomsel IoT Managed Service SD-WAN  offers four key benefits for Alfamart: first, the solution connects hardware at Alfamart stores and branch offices to the data center at the headquarter through a cloud network, accessible via monitoring dashboard to watch over every operation in all locations. Second, Alfamart no longer needs a leased line to build a connection between the central data center, hub data center, and stores or branch offices. Third, the direct connection between the central data center and hardware at stores or branch offices enables Alfamart to avoid technical issues at the hub data center which could interfere with business operations. The fourth is the SD-WAN’s overall management will be handled by Telkomsel, therefore Alfamart will no longer need to control and monitor their devices which requires a high operational cost. These benefits will create a more efficient and effective integrated operational system which improves Alfamart’s overall productivity.

Kolaborasi Telkomsel Bersama Peritel Alfamart Menghadirkan Solusi IoT Managed Service SD-WAN

Today, Alfamart has more than fourteen thousands stores across Indonesia, Telkomsel IoT Managed Service SD-WAN  manages the network traffic in every store efficiently. The implementation of SD-WAN in rural areas enables Alfamart to integrate the leased line network which, without SD-WAN, requires a more complicated process and a longer time. In big cities, SD-WAN implementation enables Alfamart to manage network traffic using 4G LTE broadband network and a combination of broadband and leased line networks. Further info on Telkomsel IoT and IoT Managed Service SDWAN can be accessed through, LinkedIn Telkomsel IoT, or Instagram @TelkomselIoT.

“Telkomsel hopes that this IoT-based solution brings positive impact to Alfamart’s transformational journey in growing their business further and serve their customers better. Telkomsel is confident that this collaboration can inspire other industries to adopt the latest digital technology. Telkomsel’s strong commitment to become a digital ecosystem enabler through collective efforts in digital-based technology implementation, especially the latest IoT across industries, will be the key factor for Indonesia to get ready to compete in the Industry 4.0 era,” Setyanto concluded.