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Telkomsel Announces Top 10 IndonesiaNEXT Participants

Telkomsel Announces Top 10 IndonesiaNEXT Participants

Bandung, January 18th 2018 Telkomsel announced the 10 best participants of 2017 IndonesiaNEXT after going through various stages of selection involving more than 11.000 participants from all over Indonesia. The winners had the opportunity to get a short course in college and some prominent technology companies in San Francisco, United States.

The ten winners are Alexander Tianara, Angela Belinda Cecilia, Aulia Dewi, Azmil Ihsan, Cosmas Sakristiandio, Fathia Nisa, Fatimah Sirin, Nur Awalia Syahri Ramadhani, Rahmat Hidayat Syahputra and Rahmat Ramdhani.

Telkomsel’s Director of Human Capital Management Irfan A. Tachrir said, "Congratulations to the winners who have proved themselves to be the best in IndonesiaNEXT. Through this program, we hope these young Indonesians will be able to inspire the surrounding environment, as well as improve their skills and competence to compete globally.”

The best national participants of IndonesiaNEXT have previously been through several selections, ranging from training and testing capabilities using presentation applications and certified design, public communication skills, to soft and hard skills training. The qualifying round which took place from October to November 2017 in six cities resulted in the top 30 national participants.

At the final stage of the national qualification which took place in mid January 2018 in Jakarta, participants competed in a series of bootcamp activities that tested the ability to present the idea thoroughly in front of the judges: Adita Irawati (VP of Corporate Communications of Telkomsel), Doni Andriansyah (VP of Financial & Planning Analysis of Telkomsel), Handry Satriago (CEO of General Electric Indonesia), Kemal Effendi Gani (Group Chief Editor of SWA Magazine), Erwien Parengkuan (Fouder of TALKinc), and Rika Indra Oktaviani (VP of Marketing of Go-Jek). In addition to the ten best national participants who will travel to San Francisco, 20 other participants also get the opportunity to gain knowledge about the professional world in several companies in Singapore.

Telkomsel Umumkan 10 Peserta Terbaik IndonesiaNEXT

"Thanks to Telkomsel for giving us the opportunity to improve our competence in facing the increasingly tight competition of the professional world," said Rahmat Ramdhani, one of the best national participants from Universitas Negeri Makassar who presented the use of technology to improve education on remote islands in Indonesia. "We hope Telkomsel continues to provide wider opportunities to more students throughout Indonesia," said Fatimah Sirin, another best participant from Universitas Indonesia who conveyed the idea of ​​the use of technology for electrical energy at home.

IndonesiaNEXT is Telkomsel's flagship CSR program which provides certification aimed at increasing capacity and preparing students' skills to face a more competitive global competition. Taking the theme of "Get Ready to Be The Next", the program is presented to meet the competitive needs of an increasingly competitive professional world, where certification is one of the students' assets when entering the workforce. IndonesiaNEXT 2017 is held with a series of seminars that provide inspirations for students, competence trainings, and national and international certification examination programs.

Participants who are students from various majors and levels of college education participated in an inspirational seminar that presents speakers from business practitioners who have been successful in their fields. This seminar was expected to open the participants' insight to understand the importance of quality improvement and competence of human resources in order to compete with the global class workforce.

Meanwhile, in the training session for certification, the participants of IndonesiaNEXT 2017 received a training that honed their skills in using the software, as well as the ability to communicate. The three-day training introduced students to the latest skills and knowledge related to various fields, such as management, economics, information technology, computer systems, to multimedia.

Telkomsel Umumkan 10 Peserta Terbaik IndonesiaNEXT

Participants who passed the certification exam on the IndonesiaNEXT program obtained a certificate of expertise that can be used by the students as Certificate of Companion Diploma (SKPI). In the final stages of the program, the best national-level participants were selected to gain knowledge of the world of work by visiting some of the world's leading technology companies.