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Telkomsel and Huawei Teams Up in Accelerating Indonesia's Digital Talent Development

Telkomsel dan Huawei menandatangani nota kesepahaman mengenai pengembangan talenta digital berdedikasi tinggi.

Jakarta, 3 March 2023]– Expanding digital technology is an excellent opportunity to create value for every industry. With the rapid evolution and change of digital technology, every company must have talents skilled in technological shifts to continue adapting and providing relevant digital solutions. Digitalization, the development of  IoT, and the use of a hybrid lifestyle by combining the real and digital worlds have become the main requirements for companies to meet the challenges of today's industry.


To answer these opportunities and challenges, Telkomsel collaborates with Huawei to nurture Telkomsel's talents and future leaders into essential digital skills who have high competence, especially in expertise and knowledge in the digital ecosystem, that is reliable and relevant to the dynamic development of the industry. This collaborative effort was formalized by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties, which took place at the Barcelona Communications Exhibition in conjunction with the moment of the 2023 Mobile World Congress (27/2).


Director of Human Capital Management TelkomselR Muharam Perbawamukti, said, "Telkomsel positively welcomes the latest collaboration with Huawei, which is expected to strengthen further the strategic partnership running so far. Through this joint collaborative effort, we are consistent in continuing to accelerate the presence of more talents in the field of technology, especially in the reliable and relevant digital sector, by utilizing Huawei's expertise and experience in the technology so that Telkomsel's talents can continue to present a variety of product solutions through the use of the latest technology that can bring benefit to the society at large and can contribute more to the progress of Indonesia as a digital nation in the future."


Director of Huawei IndonesiaTelkomsel Account Department, Wang Xu, said "As a trusted partner, Huawei always supports Telkomsel. Despite the challenges from the pandemic, Huawei has not relaxed its steps in supporting Telkomsel's digital talent transformation. Through world-leading cases, we equip Telkomsel's managerial level staff to improve digital leadership skills in various fields, including strategic leadership, business and technology trends, and organizational transformation."


Mobile World Congress 2023 Telkomsel Huawei


This collaboration will focus on Digital Leadership Transformation and Digital Technology Transformation. In the first area, Telkomsel and Huawei will focus on strategic execution to close the digital leadership gap. The two parties will conduct a series of conferences, webinars, practice sharing, learning journeys, and more, which include sharing cases oriented to business scenarios, deep insights into the ICT industry, partner operator experience, and bringing together the top management of the digital sector.


Meanwhile, in the second field, Telkomsel and Huawei will continue to improve the digital skills of Telkomsel employees and explore the possibility of adapting and providing digital transformation training and certification programs from Huawei. The training and certification programs will include 5G Infra Operation, 5G Service Quality, Automated Operation & Maintenance, Digital Atom Technology (AI, Big Data, Cloud Infra), Telco Technology (IP, Transmission, Core, wireless), and Cyber Security.


Wang Xu added that the collaboration between Telkomsel and Huawei is a significant step forward in building a solid and dynamic digital ecosystem in Indonesia. We believe that the partnership between Telkomsel and Huawei will be a catalyst to continue to drive Telkomsel's digital transformation. Huawei and Telkomsel will always be able to stand together to grow together and take advantage of more business opportunities in the future.


For more than 22 years, Huawei has remained steadfast in its commitment to 'Huawei I DO,' one of which is to continue supporting the nation's economic growth and progress. As part of its "I Do" Collaboration commitment, Huawei shares experience, and expertise in cutting-edge ICT technologies to ensure Indonesia remains safe in accelerating digitalization. Huawei mainly strengthened the digital ecosystem through a program to prepare 100 thousand Indonesian digital talents within five years and has reached more than 68 thousand beneficiaries.