National Day Expo 2020 Dubai: Telkomsel Presents Innovations in Digital Technology to #MakeThingsHappen to Attract Collaborations and Investments in Indonesia

National Day Expo 2020 Dubai: Telkomsel Presents Innovations in Digital Technology to #MakeThingsHappen to Attract Collaborations and Investments in Indonesia

  • Telkomsel optimizes its role as a digital ecosystem enabler to support the National Day celebration as one of the key events at Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • During the celebration of the National Day, Telkomsel showcases the best of Indonesia by showcasing capabilities in the latest digital technologies through “A Vibrant Present” installation focused on digital & creative economy at Pavilion Indonesia.
  • This support strengthens Telkomsel’s commitment as the leading digital telco to #MakeThingsHappen for Indonesia to collaborate with global partners by utilizing the leading digital technology from Telkomsel.


Jakarta, November 5, 2021– As a company trusted to represent Indonesia at the Expo 2020 Dubai, Telkomsel optimized its role as a digital ecosystem enabler in supporting the celebration of the National Day on Thursday, November 4, 2021. National Day is a momentum to promote Indonesia to the world. On this occasion, Telkomsel showcases its digital telecommunication capabilities to maximize potentials and grow the digital ecosystem in Indonesia that will enable opportunities to collaborate and future investment for the nation’s progress across sectors.


The celebration of National Day that is attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo also part of a key event to promote Indonesia to the world by showcasing Indonesia as the “Land of Diversity” that is rich in culture, leading resources, and a promising nation to be visited, trade with, and invest in by global citizen to open opportunities to accelerate economy in Indonesia after the pandemic.


Telkomsel CEO Hendri Mulya Syam says, "As one of important series during the Expo 2020 Dubai, National Day becomes a great opportunity for any country to showcase its superiority, uniqueness, growth, and potentials to the world. Telkomsel is committed to making Indonesia the most promising country to trade with, invest in, and tourism destination by presenting innovations in digital solutions by utilizing the leading technology from Telkomsel. Telkomsel's participation on National Day is a realization of our commitment to #MakeThingsHappen for Indonesia to improve multiple sectors such as trading, tourism, technology, and education, as wider opportunities available for Indonesia to collaborate and be the most preferred country for foreign investments which will result in the improved national economy sustainably."


“Beyond cultural diversity, National Day also promotes economy potentials in Indonesia that continue supported by infrastructure and competitive resources and massive growth of the digital economy. We are confident that the celebration of National Day will enhance our network to attract global interest to visit Pavilion Indonesia, as we welcome opportunities to build long-term strategic partnerships in trades, investment, and tourism. In Pavilion Indonesia, the government presents superiority in telecommunication and digital industry that connects the people of Indonesia through competitive innovations on a global scale,” said Muhammad Lutfi, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia.


National Day Expo 2020 Dubai: Telkomsel Presents Innovations in Digital Technology to #MakeThingsHappen to Attract Collaborations and Investments in Indonesia


During the National Day, Telkomsel, which represents the digital & creative economy sector, gives full support to Pavilion Indonesia by showcasing superiority and potentials in Indonesia through advanced digital technology and innovative digital solutions enabled to exceed the digital lifestyle needs of everyone in the country as seen in the “Vibrant Present” installation. Multiple digital solutions include MAXstream for quality entertaining content to support the Indonesian movie industry, LangitMusik promotes local musicians through popular music, Dunia Games has been consistent in bringing the leading mobile games and growing the e-Sport ecosystem in Indonesia sustainably, MyTelkomsel is a super app that provides convenience for customers to access various digital needs through smartphone, and the latest app called KUNCIE, an Edutech platform created to open wider opportunity for talents in Indonesia to up-skill and re-skill to improve their skills across sectors that will contribute to the progress of many creative industries such as film, fashion, advertising, design, software, and more, which eventually will drive the realization of Indonesia towards Golden Generation by 2045.


Furthermore, Telkomsel, as a state-owned company under TelkomGroup, has also rejuvenated its brand identity (brand rejuvenation) recently, which visitors of Pavilion Indonesia can see as part of the company’s effort to adapt and stay relevant in every phase of life through a consistent, comprehensive transformation as a symbol of change that allows Telkomsel to contribute and accelerate the lifestyle transformation among the society. At the same time, continue to open up the bigger opportunity for the country across the digital economy, culture, tourism, and investment by strengthening the digital ecosystem to an international level.


“The participation of Telkomsel in supporting the National Day at the Pavilion Indonesia reflects our commitment as the leading digital telco that continues to build the nation by utilizing the latest technology. We hope, through this sort of support, Telkomsel can showcase its potentials and superiority in the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, which will #MakeThingsHappen for the global to collaborate and invest in Indonesia,” Hendri concluded.


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