"Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" Win Domestic Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2 | Telkomsel

"Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" Win Domestic Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2

"Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" Win Domestic Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2

Jakarta, 15 November 2017 – Short video titled "Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" were finally selected as winners of Telkomsel's 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2 competition. As the first national winner, "Chick-Chick" is entitled to a prize of IDR 150 million, while "Sowan" as the second winner is entitled to get IDR 75 million. Both will represent Indonesia at a regional competition in Singapore on 22 November 2017, competing with other domestic winning videos from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, and India for a major title with prizes of USD 30,000.

As the winner of Telkomsel's 5-Min Video Challenge national competition, "Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" also get the "The Regional People's Choice Award" based on the most votes from the public. Indonesians can support the two works of the nation's children to get the title of "Regional Favorite Video" by voting at https://www.the5minvideo.com/finalists-2017/ until November 19, 2017.

Vice President of Brand and Communications of Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, "Congratulations to 'Chick-Chick' and 'Sowan' who won Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge to represent Indonesia in regional competition. Looking at these two short films, we feel very proud to find the best national talent that can produce works that are very touching and quality. We are confident both of them can stand the name of Indonesia by defending the main title in the regional competition."

Nirwan further added that in the second year of implementation of Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge, there is an improvement in quality on submission of incoming video compared with last year. "This is a positive signal that the potential and creativity of Indonesia's young generation is growing and Telkomsel is happy to be a channel for their creativity," Nirwan added.

In line with Nirwan, one of the domestic competition judges The 5-Min Video Challenge which is also one of the best directors in Indonesia, Joko Anwar, also said that this year Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge competition is marked by improved technical quality and more diverse themes.

In response to the election of Chick-Chick as the national champion, Kevin Anderson, Director of "Chick-Chick", said, "I was surprised to be elected to represent Indonesia in regional competitions. Seeing the jurors who believe in our movie, I am personally optimistic that 'Chick-Chick' has a chance to win in the region later on," Kevin said.

"Chick-Chick" and "Sowan" Win Domestic Telkomsel 5-Min Video Challenge: Season 2

The director of "Sowan", Destian Rendra, also expressed his hope to win this competition. "The movie 'Sowan' is the most serious movie we've worked on. Although quite anxious with the work of the competitors with great works from various countries, we are optimistic will get the best results," said Destian.

"Chick-Chick" tells the story of a little girl named Kara who must stay at her grandmother's house because her parents are arguing and not talking to each other. There he befriended a chicken and tried to communicate with the chicken by using a tin phone. While "Sowan" presents a short story about a man who travels on a motorcycle. In his journey, he found agricultural problems in the local area, where there has been a conflict between farmers, collectors, and sellers in the market.

In addition to voting to determine the winner of "Regional Favorite Video", the public may also vote for "National Favorite Video" of the five best shortlisted videos from the panel of judges. The five videos are "Chick-Chick", "Sowan", "My Demonic Ex", "Last Memory", and "Letter from Sinabung". The public may view the selected national video while supporting its national vote at https://5minvideo.id/ until November 19, 2017.

Nirwan then again invited the people of Indonesia to participate in regional voting for Indonesian representative video can successfully get the title of “Regional Favorite Video”. We would be proud if the video of the nation's representatives can also be selected as 'Regional Favorite Video' so that it can give Indonesia good name in front of an international audience. Let us give support and participate in determining the favorite champion by paticipating in the voting before the deadline is determined," concluded Nirwan.

The 5-Min Video Challenge is a regional video competition that begins in 2016 and is the result of a collaboration of Singtel Group's Singtel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand), Airtel (India and Africa), Globe (Philippines), and Telkomsel (Indonesia). The competition is open to all filmmakers, both experienced in the film industry as well as beginners and people who feel challenged to create quality content that can arouse the attention of the public.

With the theme "Connecting Lives", this competition challenges participants' creativity and thought to interpret the relationship between how we see the world and act everyday with events that bring us to life's important things. The 5-minute video can also answer questions about things that can separate or connect us to others.